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Mr. Khan’s Review on Soch (2018)

A review on Pakistani Drama-Movement theatre play, Soch (2018). It was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2018.

+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Bazelah Mustafa
  • Lighting by Aisha Bukhtiyar
  • Music by Masood ur Rehman
  • Produced by Bee M Productions

+ Note

Soch is an exploration of acknowledging the agony but welcoming contentment. Traumas do not spare anyone but when examination over the sufferings in life becomes continuous, one usually ignores the happiness around. It is a collection of distressing life experiences and the aspiration of euphoria.

+ Performers

  1. Bazelah Mustafa
  2. Shahrukh Arif
  3. Sheraz Jhakrani
  4. Umer Arshad
  5. Hunain Kamaal
  6. Asfand Yar
  7. Ahad Tauqeer
  8. Danish Irshad
  9. Waqar Nadeem
  10. Wasay Qureshi
  11. Rehan Nazim
  12. Gaizan Abbas
  13. Saqib Ali
  14. Raam Govind
  15. Kiran Siddiqui
  16. Raheel Siddiqui
  17. Asma Noor


+ Plot
It’s the expression of broken souls and sore bodies. Don’t murder your dreams but make them come true.

+ High Points
i – Great direction by multi-talented star, Bazelah Mustafa. In this play too, she had not only directed but written, choreographed and performed as well. She is no doubt, a valuable star for our theatre world.

ii – Splendidly written screenplay by Bazelah; making the scenes very interesting. Since this is a movement play, so your interest level could now be focused only on the screenplay and performances.

iii – The performance given by Bazelah Mustafa was not only the best out of the lot but it clearly showed that her body language was the most flexible and suitable for such movement plays. Bazelah’s bold performance on several occasions throughout the play has made the audience eager to see more of her performances in her upcoming projects.

iv – Gaizan Abbas bought pleasant humor in his effective performance as one of the drug addicts. Other Honorable Mentions: Hunain Kamaal, Waqar Nadeem and Asma Noor.

v – The humor level supersedes when it comes to a serious play like Soch. And it suits well with the characters that portrayed them.

vi – Good dance choreography during its musical sequences.

vii – Excellent use of the body movement and the use of its creativity such as family tree, playground scene, clock and many more.

viii – The lighting was efficiently controlled and executed.

+ Low Points
i – Most of the daring and more interesting roles were performed by Bazelah Mustafa. It would be recommended if next time it is more properly distributed, give other performers the chance to prove themselves worthy so that they could highlight themselves as well.

ii – The play would have been unforgettable for the times to come if there were stronger performers in this 17 performers’ play.

+ Overall
Soch is a daring, sensational and graceful hit play which has been produced in a long time.

Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars

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