A letter to our readers

To Mr. Khan’s Reviews followers,

It is with great sadness that I write to inform you that the author of Mr. Khan’s Reviews and my brother, Zeeshan Ahmed Khan, untimely passed away. Although he is no longer with us, I can tell with utmost certainty that my brother was very passionate about films and theater as he always used to endlessly discuss his upcoming reviews with me. Penning down reviews was his labor of love and he appreciated every single person who read and wrote comments on his work. 

We both grew up watching films and TV shows, it was what always brought us together. As we grew older, we wrote film reviews on different platforms like Dawn.com, Express Tribune and finally, we both ended up with our own separate review platforms; me at ‘Bucket List Reviews’ on youtube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwSdyPZ_htZng0Ec-2cmlgg)

while my brother on his own website: https://mrkhansreviews.com/

Considering the circumstances, what should the future be for Mr. Khan’s Reviews

As far as I knew my brother, he undoubtedly would like his website and reviews to continue. He would never leave his readers disappointed at these unfortunate turn of events. Therefore I would like to honor this task of further pursuing my brother Zeeshan Ahmed Khan’s legacy by continuing to write and publish reviews on his behalf, on the website as well as on Mr. Khan’s Reviews facebook page.

But there needs to be some form of assessment. First of all, I have been residing in Europe for many years now so access to Pakistani TV shows and Theater might not be so easily possible. Apart from that, my interests and taste in movies/TV shows might differ from what you readers might be used to with my brother’s reviews. I cannot and should not try to emulate how my brother used to write or decided on his upcoming reviews because no one can replace him. Instead I will try now to do what I can do best and diversify the selection of movies, reviewing TV shows/ Films from many different genres and nationalities, ranging from Pakistani, Indian, Bollywood, Hollywood, Foreign cinema etc. As a passionate cinephile myself, I have a long list of reviews that I would like to write for the website for many years to come.

But this is where all the Mr.Khan’s Reviews followers could help me. What Pakistani/ Indian TV shows/ films or theater plays would you like to be reviewed? Please send your suggestions at:




Please, share the website https://mrkhansreviews.com/ or facebook page https://www.facebook.com/zshaan.khan31 with your friends and family. A ‘Like’ would be very much appreciated in keeping the memory of my brother alive. This website was one of his passions in Life and will keep all of us going strong into the future. 

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a loyal reader and for supporting my brother’s work. Please stay tuned for more reviews coming up in the future!

With all love and respect to our readers,

Jibran Khan

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