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Mr. Khan’s Review on Do Tone (2018)

A review on a foreign Dance-Movement theatre play, Do Tone (2018). It was performed in NAPA International Theatre Festival 2018.

+ Performers & Musicians

  1. Katrin Schafitel
  2. Gergely Lukacs
  3. Sascha Luer
  4. Simon Otto
  5. Sunil Shanker
  6. Fawad Khan
  7. Kulsoom Aftab
  8. Umair Rafiq
  9. Raheel Siddiqui

+ Note

Do Tone is a Dance + Music + Audience play (literally without a plot). It is an art form that reacts spontaneously to the current circumstances in able to work with them. A trio of the most prominent artists from Germany, Switzerland and Pakistan have worked in this project.

+ High Points
i – Aside the German performers, we have great stars like Sunil Shankar, Fawad Khan, Kulsoom Aftab in the performers’ lineup for us theatre lovers to come and watch the play.

ii – The music is nicely played by the German musicians. It kept the mood going.

iii – The lighting is effectively handled.

iv – Kartin Schafitel was able to bring smiles to the audience faces in the end.

+ Low Points
i – Is this is a joke? I mean, really? It seems that NAPA management is playing with the people, such as pulling our legs to see who falls for these kinds of dull plays? Just to check out the audience tolerance level.

Afterwards, they are going to say, “See, we are just kidding. we do have very good quality plays like the one we performed in last year’s festival. do ignore these, as we were just testing you only”.

ii – A play without any directions or knowing where its headed to?

iii – Waste of talented stars in this dance play.

+ Overall
Do Tone is easily a forgettable play, where there’s only little to admire here.

Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars

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