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Mr. Khan’s Review on Lahore Se Aagey (2016)

A review on Pakistani Comedy feature film, Lahore Se Aagey (2016). The Production House is Showcase Productions while its Distributor is ARY Films.





+ Crew

  • Directed by Wajahat Rauf
  • Cinematography by Asrad Khan
  • Written by Yasir Hussain
  • Produced by Wajahat Rauf, Salman Iqbal & Asfand Farouk






+ Note

Lahore Se Aagey is a sequel of Karachi Se Lahore (2015). The character of “Moti” became so popular in it that he is bought back in as the lead role for this film. There are several minor roles appearances of different stars including of Hasan Rizvi, Atiqa Odho, Erum Bashir, Komal Rizvi, and Ali Zafar.



+ Main Cast

  1. Yasir Hussain as Moti
  2. Saba Qamar as Tara Ahmed
  3. Mubashir Malik as Ali
  4. Rubina Ashraf as Farah
  5. Behroze Sabzwari as Mamu

+ Plot

It centers on Tara who is a rock star but her fiancée does not agree with her dream goals. In their temporary break up, she meets Moti who is being chased by two bandits. As they both try to save their lives, during their journey Farah and Moti fall for each other.



+ High Points

i – Both of the lead stars, Saba Qamar and Yasir Hussain performed very well on screen. It helped the film to gain interest for the audience as they watched their unusual yet good chemistry. Other Honorable Mentions: Behroze Sabzwari.

ii – The cinematography is good with the scenery shots are well taken with promoting the beauty of our great nation.

iii – The makeover & hair-styling and slim physique of Saba Qamar made her gorgeous to look at.

iv – The screenplay, its humor throughout the film is funny and enjoyable.

v – The minor role of Ali Zafar is a good induction in the film.



+ Low Points

i – There is no proper structure of storytelling. There are scenes which are totally irrelevant and unrelated with the film’s plot.

ii – In Act III, the character of Behroze Sabzwari and Rubina Ashraf becomes so rubbish and idiotic just like its weak script.

iii – The script is so badly written that the construction of its story telling is just a forgettable one.

iv – Most of the things happening in the film are highly illogical and impractical. I don’t want to give away its spoilers but the questions would arise as why is this happening? or what’s the point of showing this’? really, i am telling you just… don’t ask!

v – Karachi Se Lahore (2015) showed too many product placements which was very annoying to watch. Similarly, in Lahore Se Aagey repeats the same mistake twice.

vi – Good mimicry does make one smile or even laugh however this technique is highly over used by weak writers to fill in a supporting comic character. The Big B mimicry was good in this film but this is not a creative way to bring humor in your work. Don’t pick the easy way out. Instead, work on your writing skills.

+ Overall

Since, Lahore se Aagey, never takes itself too seriously and ends up being a good time pass.



Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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