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Mr. Khan’s Review on Taleem-e-Balighan (1956/66 and 1973)

A review on Pakistani Classic Comedy Drama TV series, Taleem-e-Balighan aka Education for Adults (1956/66 and 1973). In 1966, it’s Production House and its Distributor is PTV Network (Lahore Studio) and PTV Network (Karachi Studio) in 1973.





+ Crew

  • Directed by Agha Nasir
  • Written by Khawaja Moinuddin
  • Lighting by M. Sabir and Javid Iqbal
  • Makeup by Afzal Ahmed & Zahid Sheikh
  • Production Design by Badar-Ul-Islam Syed






+ Note

Taleem-e-Balighan aired on PTV Network in 1966. In total, it consists of 02 episodes. This limited TV series was originally written for the Radio Pakistan in 1956 before the introduction of TV broadcasts in Pakistan in November 1964. This classic TV series is a social satire theatre play shot for TV as a mini-series.

It is based on Mohammad Ali Jinnah’s or Quaid-e-Azam’s three principles of ‘unity, faith and discipline’, which became an inspiring and effective slogan for the Muslim masses during the Pakistan Movement days around 1947.

Taleem-e-Balighan’s remake was directed & produced in 1973*. The late actor, Qazi Wajid is the only returning star who plays the role of the Maulvi Sahab in it. It was telecasted as one-episode TV serial.

This two-episode mini-series is considered a classic by some of the critics. 



*The given year is not confirmed.




+ Main Cast

  1. Mahmood Ali as Maulvi Sahib
  2. Qazi Wajid as Hajab (Barber)
  3. Subhani Ba Yunus as Qasab (Butcher)








+ Supporting Cast

  1. Qasim Jalali as Dhobi (Student) #3
  2. Bakhtiar Ahmad as Victoria Wala (Student) #4
  3. Sheikh Mahmood as Malwari (Student) #5
  4. Sheikh Ali Ahmed as Doodh Wala (Student) #6
  5. Razia Sultana as Maulvi Sahib’s Wife (Voice)








+ Crew (Remake)

  • Directed & Produced by Tasneem Aslam
  • Written by Khawaja Moinuddin
  • Title Graphics by PTV Studio (KHI)
  • Makeup by Aijaz Khan, Shakir Ahmed & Imran Ahmed
  • Production Design by Munza Ejaz





+ Main Cast (Remake)

  1. Qazi Wajid as Maulvi Sahib
  2. Behroze Sabzwari as Hajab (Barber)
  3. Shahzad Raza as Qasab (Butcher)







+ Supporting Cast (Remake)

  1. Ayaz Khan as Shagird (Hot Tempered Student) #3
  2. Sajid Shah as Victoria Wala (Student) #4
  3. Ayum as Malwari (Student) #5
  4. Famid Ahmed Khan as Doodh Wala (Student) #6
  5. N/A as Maulvi Sahib’s Wife (Voice)





+ Plot

It focuses around a Madrassa (school) where adults are provided an education in a satirical and humorous environment.





+ High Points

i – The writing highlights Quaid-e-Azam’s three principles of ‘Faith, Unity and Discipline’. These three principles are shown through their respectable POV for the audience to understand of bringing the betterment of our educational system and social welfare from their current weak status to a successful rank of the country’s establishment. Its mild humor keeps the interest level of the audience at bay.  

ii – A careful direction of photography is required for which scenes to be shot up close or from a medium angle. This helped in understanding that certain scene’s crucial moment or defining the features of a character, being described as untidy. The original TV series work is much superior.

iii – Subhani Ba Yunus as Butcher, plays as one of the best roles of a grown-up student. The number of times he is hit by the broom of his headmaster, no student is. His character’s realistic performance of agonizing in pain, laying out his dagger on being threatened and singing scenes, will definitely glue the attention of the viewers to their screens till the very end of this classic TV mini-series.  

iv – Mahmood Ali as Maulvi Sahib, who is the teacher of these aged students. He plays as the most remarkable and the most memorable role of his career. Mahmood brings smiles on the viewers’ faces with his uncanny timing humor and utter nonsense examples on the unheard idioms that the Maulvi Sahib is unfamiliar of. Other Honorable Mentions: Qazi Wajid (as Barber).

v – The three lead stars for the original as well as the remake, attracts the viewers to watch this TV series in the first place.

vi – The songs are mesmerizing and good to listen to. 





+ Low Points

i – Honestly, I had my expectations really high from this limited TV series. I read the praises a lot and wanted to know its specialty by finally watching it.  

ii – The remake comes nowhere close to the original release’s success in almost every department, whether it is the cinematography or the performances.  






+ Overall
Khawaja Moinuddin’s Taleem-e-Balighan, is one of the important works that is ever written for the silver screen.





Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars

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