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Mr. Khan’s Review on Resurrection (2018)

A review on Foreign Drama-Movement theatre play, Resurrection (2018). It is a dance ritual on breathlessness, passion, oneness and survival.

+ Note

Resurrection is dedicated to all those who lost their lives due to oppressive systems. Made with original music, the piece includes a poetic monologue written in English & Arabic. The piece was created and developed over the course of 10 years and it reached its current performativity form in 2016-17.

This play was triggered by the collective death of 50 theatre artists in the South of Egypt on 5th Sep 2005. The Egyptian state is still to be held responsible for this collective death by means of negligence and disrespect to the theatre community in specific, and disrespect to human dignity in general.

Goethe-Institut has helped greatly in making many of the performances in this 6th International Theatre & Music Festival 2018. Special thanks to other consulates and embassies for their support.

+ Performer

  • Nora Amin





+ Plot
A fire took place in a small state theatre venue, and among the deceased was Saleh Saad, who had a vision of his death before this trauma occurred.

+ High Points
i – The lighting behind this tragic play helped with the performance different moments and beats.

ii – The sole performance of Nora Amin is nicely presented.

+ Low Points
i – Since most of the audience are non-Arabic, it would have been preferable for the narrator to tell the intro in English.

ii – The translation of Arabic verses during the performance into English was becoming mixed up, difficult to understand as it was spoken almost side by side.

+ Overall
Resurrection is unquestionably an emotional play for those who were directly or indirectly linked and witness to this the real-life tragic incident that occurred. But the play itself could not sustain to make its mark as to be remembered by with fond memory.

Rate: 1.25 out of 5 stars

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