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Mr. Khan’s Review on Jutt and Bond (2001-4)

A review on Pakistani thriller sitcom TV series, Jutt and Bond (2001-4). Its Production House is WZ Studios (Lahore) while its Distribution is done by Indus Vision.





+ Crew

  • Directed by Zain Ahmed
  • Written by Vasay Chaudhry
  • DOP by Shahbaz Malik
  • Graphics & Edited by Rana Farooq and Rana Furqaan
  • Produced by Samina Ahmed




+ Note

Jutt and Bond aired on Indus Vision from 2001 –2004. In total, it consists of 81 episodes. It is a satire TV series based of multiple detective TV series and films. The song is Kahan Hai Tu, is the soundtrack of this sitcom. The two lead stars / former lead singers, Fawad Afzal Khan and Ahmed Ali Butt featured in its music video. It is also directed by Zain Ahmed.  

This is Fawad Khan and Ahmed Butt’s debut TV series. Originally, Fawad was the lead singer of Paradigm, a metal music band while his co-lead star, of Entity. Afterwards, they merged their band into one as Entity Paradigm (EP). They both have left their previous professions, to focus on their acting careers. Yasser Hashmi, who portrays his character as Dr. Evil’s Assistant, in real life, he happens to be one of the lecturers of Lahore based leading university, LUMS.  

Jutt and Bond is also Vasay Chaudhry’s first writing venture for the television and Zain Ahmed’s debutal TV series.



Warning: There are SPOILERS ahead!





+ Main Cast

  1. Fawad Afzal Khan as Bond
  2. Ahmed Ali Butt as Jutt
  3. Bilal Sami as Dr. Evil
  4. Samina Ahmed as Madam C







+ Supportive Cast

  1. Vasay Chaudhry as Sooda
  2. Yasser Hashmi as Assistant
  3. Zain Ahmed as Puppy
  4. Farah Tufail as Jutti
  5. Mehvish as Amma
  6. Hajrah Mumtaz as Emily
  7. Haseeb Khan as Police SHO
  8. Danyal as Police ASI






+ Minor Cast (Cameo)

  1. Mustafa Ali as Noori Nath
  2. Ahmad Shah Tipu as Co-Detective
  3. Jawad Bashir as Detective #2
  4. Nadia Afghan as Girl Next Door
  5. Shoaib Hashmi as Chief
  6. Vanessa Ahmed as Femme Fatale






+ Plot

Two unlike duo, Jutt and Bond have the responsibility to save the world from the clutches of Dr. Evil and his minions.




+ High Points

i – The opening theme song, Kahan Hai Tu sung by Fawad Khan is a good song.

ii – A number of well-known celebrities to see them, making supporting or cameo appearances.





+ Low Points

i – Vasay Chaudhry may have become a great writer today. But this debut work of his is a complete disaster. I can not believe that this same fame writer/actor have wrote its script. The viewer will have no idea, to what exactly is going on in their episodes. Everything is happening in this sitcom is just random.

No characters are properly introduced, no backstory of the lead characters are properly defined… it’s a wonder, why our TV industry ignores well-versed writers over these referenced based writers. After a decade later, Vasay finally came up with a brilliant work to pen Jackson Heights (2013-14), a TV series based on Pakistani immigrants living at US block, Jackson Heights. Now, that work is note worthy. But this… this work can only be approved through personal contacts only.    

ii – Zain Ahmed is one of the best directors of the theatre world. He has directed and produced great theatre plays, one after the other. Similar to him, everyone do start from the scratch. Still, this sitcom would surely be one of those few projects of his that he must not be proud of.

iii – Miraculously, reaching till 81 episodes is one of the signs of the judgement day. This sitcom one-episode story doesn’t make any ‘Head or Tail’. How the hell this TV series was permitted to telecast it to the public? 

iv – The kind of writing you have here, perhaps this sitcom was meant for ‘Kindergarten’ target audience. This is the level of humor that you will face here. There is more sense in the children cartoon, ‘Inspector Gadget’ than this sitcom.

v – Almost the entire TV series is shot on ‘Open Air Location’. It starts to get irritating to see no-closed doors environment after a while.   

vi – The performances of the entire cast is just rubbish. Honestly, I had no expectations from this sitcom. I mean, this is after all a debut work of Fawad Khan and Ahmed Butt. So, what really would anyone expect? It took many years for Fawad to become one of the highest paid Pakistani star. However, Jutt and Bond is something which is easily forgettable.

vii – Boy! What a stupid finale. Yes, I’m aware and fully understand that this is a sitcom. But still, good comedies are well written and creative. Its not an easy job to write a comedy. A popular quote by anonymous is, ‘A bad comedy is no comedy’. 

viii – Every episode consists of a song, with a brief dance steps between the two different main / supporting characters of the sitcom. I dare you to like even one.  






+ Overall
The only recognition Jutt and Bond has that its the launching platform for the solid names of our media industry such as of Fawad Khan, Ahmed Butt and Vasay Chaudhry who started their successful careers, for what they are today.




Rate: 0.50 out of 5 stars

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