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Mr. Khan’s Review on Chup (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama theatre play, Chup aka Quiet (2017). It was performed at NAPA’s International Theatre Festival 2017.

+ Crew

  • Set Designed & Directed by Sunil Shankar
  • Written by Fawad Khan

+ Note
Chup is Fawad Khan’s second play-write. The first one was Khawab Tha Shayed. Chup is a haunting story regarding missing person case accused of a very serious allegation. Rather than focusing on the missing person’s life, this play is about his family and their uncomfortable disturbing social life ever since of his sudden ‘Disappearance’.

Most of our audience still lacks to understand tragic scenes that are purposely shown in amusing manner; such as father keeps hearing someone’s knock on the door. It is indeed a saddening play where you may never know whether missing person (your loved one) is dead or alive? Did he left the home willingly or was he abducted by unknown groups? Never to know real answers on such cases, the pain of agony and depression is shown through this brave play.

+ Full Cast

  1. Fawad Khan as Salman
  2. Bakhtawar Mazhar as Ammi
  3. Sunil Shanker as Abu
  4. Kaif Ghaznavi as Rabia
  5. Haya Khan as Zara



+ Plot
Salman has been receiving calls from an unknown number. Nobody says anything but the calls are persistent. His mother is also receiving the same calls. Father has hearing problems and yet he seems to hear knocking on the door whereas no one else does.

+ High Points
i – Fawad Khan’s performance as the responsible son was played out superbly. I have watched many plays before where his performance is usually received with a standing ovation. Fawad is one of the elite actors which NAPA has ever produced. In such intense plot we able to see Salman’s frustration & anger with his parents especially regarding on who can be behind these untraceable calls.

ii – The performances are outstanding in this play. Ms. Bakhtawar Mazhar plays the main supporting role of an old mother who dreams to see her missing son one day. The audience saw how she gave her heart out in playing this key role. Other Honorable Mentions: Sunil Shankar.

iii – This is my second play which Sunil has magnificently directed. I have gained such huge respect for him and would always consider his future directorial plays with high esteem. Great work Sunil!

iv – The writing of this play is outstandingly written by Fawad Khan! My expectations for his playwriting has exceeded clearly. I can assure you that the writing for this play was very, very difficult yet Fawad overcame with this difficult obstacle and presented with almost a perfect script.

v – The set designed very similar to how upper middle-class interior homes are decorated.

vi – The premise of this play was a suspense one where the audience gets to know of the situation one step at a time. The ending is left ambiguous deliberately as the plot is not based upon on it.

+ Low Points
i – I believe that there could have been more exposure to Kaif’s character.

+ Overall
Strengthened by such powerful performances, Chup finds the partnership of Sunil Shankar’s intelligent direction and Fawad Khan’s superb script writing in its utmost level from this grim, dark funny play.

Rate: 5.0 out of 5 stars

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