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Mr. Khan’s Review on Aunn Zara (2013)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Com TV series, Aunn Zara (2013). Its Production House is Oriental Films while its Distribution is done by A Plus Entertainment.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Haissam Hussain
  • Written by Faiza Iftikhar
  • Cinematography by Ilyas Kashmiri
  • Edited by Iftikhar Manzoor
  • Produced by Shahzad Chaudhry

+ Note

Aunn Zara is based on Faiza Iftikhar’s novel, Hisaar-e-Mohabbat aka Fort of Love. It aired on A Plus Entertainment from 18th Jun 2013 – 31st Oct 2013. In total, it consists of 22 episodes. It revolves around a married couple spoilt by their respective families and are desperate to escape this attention.

The theme song (original soundtrack) & background music of is composed by MAD Music with the lyrics by Awais Sohail. Its singers are Athar and Ragini.

 Aunn Zara was aired in India on Zindagi in 2014, including on Zee TV USA and Lamhe TV. Since Jul 2020, it is available for streaming online at ZEE5 app.

Warning: There are SPOILERS ahead!




+ Main Cast

  1. Osman Khalid Butt as Aunn
  2. Maya Ali as Zara
  3. Sabreen Hisbani as Nighat
  4. Adnan Jaffar as Jamshed


+ Supportive Cast

  1. Hina Khawaja Bayat as Husna
  2. Nasreen Qureshi as Aunn’s Grandmother
  3. Yasir Masher as Aunn’s Uncle
  4. Saima Saleem as Aunn’s Aunt
  5. Mukarram Kaleem as Manzar
  6. Mahira Bhatti as Shehna




+ Minor Cast

  1. Irfan Khoosat as Zara’s Grandfather
  2. N/A as Jamshed’s Friend

+ Plot

Aunn & Zara are two spoilt and only children of their families. After their marriage, they desperately try to escape their controlled environment set by their parents.

+ High Points

i – It is a family oriented humor, that can be easily be watched and find the jokes amusing. Such as the big arguments over a small issue between the couple, family relatives beating the hell out of Aunn and his friend’s lover, the close-friendship chemistry of Nighat and Jamshed, all points towards a light humor TV drama.

ii – Not only the chemistry of Osman Khalid & Maya Ali works well on-screen, even the supporting couple, Adnan Jaffar’s and Sabreen Hisbani’s chemistry is praise worthy. I find both their chemistry really interesting to watch.

iii – Sabreen Hisbani portrays as Nighat, as Aunn’s phupo, a caring aunt. Similar to Aunn’s close relatives, she too has a great affection towards her nephew and intends to look after his well being. One of the attention seeking performances is of Sabreen, who has managed to keep her performance as per her character’s demand up to the mark. I have watched her previous performance in a sitcom, Nadaaniyan (2009 – 13) which she acted in it very comical.

iv – Nasreen Qureshi portrays as Aunn’s grandmother. Her good performance comes to me as a surprise. She is a veteran actress, who is known to depict her characters very realistic on-screen.

+ Low Points

i – The first 10 episodes show cased ‘Over The Top’ performances by almost everyone. Gradually do the performances comes to a level, where the audience starts to appreciate them .

ii – My interest level gained only after 15 – 16th episode. The reason is that I found this TV series as a very overrated one. The plot is simple, didn’t find anything new to watch, the fights / arguments between the lead couple is too girlish, the sub plots are very basic, the list goes on…

iii – I really don’t know what to make of the finale. There are no consequence or confrontation to the actions taken by Aunn’s mischiefs. You can’t just assume that everything is just okay now, can you?

+ Overall
Aunn Zara is a cute rom-com TV series where the female audience mainly, would love to watch.

Rate: 1.75 out of 5 stars

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