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Mr. Khan’s Review on Proof (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama theatre play, Proof (2017). It was performed at NAPA’s International Theatre Festival 2017.





+ Crew

  • Directed & Set Design by Laquetta Carpenter
  • Written by David Auburn






+ Note
A mathematical genius and his daughter relationship is both strained and necessary, while the discovery of a `Paradigm-Shifting Proof` about prime numbers authenticity is being challenged.




+ Full Cast

  1. Shabana Hassan as Catherine
  2. Kashif Hussain as Hal
  3. Sonia Ashraf as Claire
  4. Owais Mangalwala as Robert







+ Plot
It is about Catherine, the daughter of Robert who was great Mathematician teacher & professor at the University of Chicago. After his death, Hall (his young assistant) discovers a paradigm-shifting proof about prime numbers in Robert’s journal. But the question still remains that who is its real author?





+ High Points
i – Shabana Hassan as Catherine, played the role to its perfection. This is her best performance up till now.

ii – Kashif Hussain as Hal as the love interest of Catherine in most suitable way. Kashif is a wonderful actor where he is usually given demanding roles to play. Other Honorable Mentions: Rest of the cast.

iii – The direction in this play was very difficult as every scene was shown in great detail.

iv – The script writing was remarkably written. Bravo!






+ Low Points
i – The flashback scenes regarding her relationship with her father, those could be played out properly with switching of filtered lights or different placements of the props to indicate it is basically a flash back. Sometimes it was hard to tell whether it was a flashback scene or she is talking to her father’s spirit.

ii – The conversation scenes were in great detail which took certain time in gaining interest.

iii – In end of the scenes, the second exit appears out of nowhere.  The audience was surprised to see that performer was leaving from the other side instead (where there was no exit door). The director could have showed it at least once in the starting or mid of the play.

iv – The set could have further improved with more props / side railing to show it as porch.




+ Overall
Laquetta and David gave their best by combining smart dialogues with impressive acting that lead Proof to be entertaining play of the romantic-drama genre.



Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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