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Mr. Khan’s Review on Tasadum (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama theatre play, Tasadum (2017). It was performed at NAPA’s International Theatre Festival 2017.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Akber Islam
  • Written by Imran Aslam






+ Note
Imran Aslam’s burning socialist ideas are embedded with extremely crisp satirical dialogue.




+ Full Cast

  1. IR Omer as Azeem
  2. Taha Khan as Chi
  3. Hamza Sheikh as Meer
  4. Aqeel Ahmed as Tota
  5. Naveed Kamal as Qasmi
  6. Shumaila Taj as Azeem’s Mom
  7. Faraz Sheikh as Jameel
  8. Naz as Meer’s Mom





+ Plot
It is about conflicts between two different schools of thought, two ideologies, two generations; conflict between religion and nature.






+ High Points
i – Aqeel Ahmed as Tota unleashes his theatrical bravado. Although a small role but he’s hilarious.

ii – IR Omer invests his efforts as idealist-traction in properly understanding the character. He was a good choice as Azeem. Other Honorable Mentions: Naveed Kamal.

iii – Well, well… I was definitely surprised by its ending. Good call!





+ Low Points
i – We were unable to see in-depth character personalities of Chi and Tota.

ii – I felt that the time length was less of the play. It should be 20 – 30 minutes more.

iii – There was no strong supporting role character. Since the main characters had different thoughts on life, hence no one really supported each other’s views.





+ Overall
Similar to Dark Room, Tasadum is an interesting play based on ground reality.


Rate: 3.25 out of 5 stars