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Mr. Khan’s Review on Load Wedding (2018)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Com feature length film, Load Wedding (2018). The Production House is Filmwala Pictures while its Distributors are Geo Films, Distribution Club and Zee Studios (Internationally).





+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Nabeel Qureshi
  • Co-Written & Produced by Fizza Ali Meerza
  • Cinematography by Rana Kamran
  • Edited by Asif Mumtaz
  • Co-Produced by Mehdi Ali






+ Note

Load Wedding is the fourth collaboration with director-producer-duo Nabeel Qureshi and Fizza Ali Meerza. The film is narrated by Mohsin Abbas Haider. He has co-written the film, as well as wrote the lyrics for two songs and sung one of them. Its music is composed by Shani Arshad.

There is an Easter egg of late fame actor, Om Puri (most probably as Raja’s father). It is a huge coincidence to find that there’s a character by the name ‘Baby Baji’ who in real life of mine was a very close and dear relative. Sadly, only a month ago she had expired. Not only she carries the same name as Faiza Hasan portrays but her characteristics (to some extent) including being unmarried and having weight issues were too similar. It made me wonder as from where the writers took the inspiration from.

The cameos are performed by Tehrim and Jameel, two NAPA artists as well.





+ Main Cast

  1. Fahad Mustafa as Raja
  2. Mehwish Hayat as Meerab / Meeru
  3. Samina Ahmad as Raja’s Mother
  4. Faiza Hasan as Baby Baji / Farhana
  5. Noor Ul Hasan as Mamu







+ Supporting Cast

  1. Qaiser Piya as Raja’s Friend
  2. Fahim Khan as Ashiq Rafaqat
  3. Anjum Habibi as Uncle
  4. Ghazala Butt as Aunty
  5. Ghalib Kamal as Baby Baji’s Fiancée






+ Cameo

  1. Mohsin Abbas Haider as Mamu [Young]
  2. Hania Amir as Mamu’s Love Interest [Young]
  3. Hamna Amir as Meerab [Young]
  4. Tehrim Shafiq as Polio Worker
  5. Syed M. Jameel as TV Production Assistant
  6. N/A as TV Production Security





+ Plot

Raja is a young lad who lives in a small town with his family and an unmarried sister. One day he falls in love with Polio worker Meeru, his childhood love.





+ High Points

i – Beautiful work behind its lighting, the cinematography that it gives whole new meaning and reasoning to watch the film.

ii – Once again we witness an enjoyable performance by Fahad Mustafa as Raja who goes deep into his character in able to win the audience hearts. Fahad is the heart and soul of Load Wedding.

iii – Faiza Hasan as Baby Baji plays an elder sibling with an attitude and stubbornness issue, who cannot accept herself to be left behind while her younger brother gets married before her. Faiza performed very well as playing an arrogant character. Other Honorable Mentions: Fahim Khan, Samina Ahmad and Qaiser Piya.

iv – The team behind its production design and shooting locations, helps us to in believing the surroundings’ realism.

v – The direction by Nabeel was fun loving and entertaining. There are many scenes in the film where we could see why ‘Nabeel Qureshi’ is a big name in the market.

vi – Songs, such as ‘Rangeya’, ‘Kooch Na Karein’ were very pleasing and lovable to listen to.

vii – The costume designing works well on the given characters, it helped them to convince the audience to accept their characteristics with their good performances.

viii – Effective use of the product placements except for McDonald’s.






+ Low Points

i – The first half is the real film to watch, because after the interval… the storytelling slides down to a great fall that it never fully recovers.

ii – After NMA2 and now this, I think Nabeel Qureshi & his team should sit down and work out on how to come up with good scripts as they once did in NMA1 and Actor-in-Law.

iii – I don’t think people came to watch game shows’ / Amir Liaqat’s parody which he conquers in the second half of the film.

iv – I have watched many TV dramas, films which carries the same core message as of this film.

v – I didn’t enjoy listening to the song ‘Munday Lahore De’. I know well that the team of LW could come up with a much better song.

vi – It seems that Mehwish looked bit older than Fahad to show as his love interest. Though, she appeared fine in ‘Actor-in-Law’ (2016). She is more suitable pair (in appearance) with Humayun Saeed.

vii – It was hard to take last emotional scenes seriously where Raja shares the screen time with Ashiq Rafaqat.






+ Overall

Load Wedding works well in terms of humor level and Rana sb’s spectacular cinematography but lacks humongously with a good storyline and script.





Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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