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Mr. Khan’s Review on Zeeshan (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama short film, Zeeshan (2017). Its music is composed by Salman Ahmed.



+ Crew
I. DOP, Edited, Written & Directed by Nabil Hasan

II. Production Design by Eruj Hadi

III. Co-Written by Ahmar Anwar

IV. Asst. Directed by Arman Tejani

V. Produced by Sara Saifi




+ Note

Zeeshan is a debuted short film by Nabil Hasan who is a graduate of SZABIST. This film is about an every man tired with mundaneness and mediocrity of life that surrounds him.

Kashif Hussain is one of the NAPA’s good actors and has performed in many successful hit plays. Some of them are, Ikhtiar (2017), Bye Mistake (2016), Ghosts (2019) and Proof (2017).






+ Full Cast

  1. Kashif Hussain as Zeeshan
  2. Aly Qaiser as Boss
  3. Almat as Mechanic
  4. Meer Aslam Lashari as Friend #1
  5. N/A as Friend #2
  6. Arman Tejani as Friend #3
  7. Shaista Rabab as Mother
  8. Hasan Rizvi as Father




+ Plot

Zeeshan is frustrated with his medium-social life and daily routine 9 to 5’ job that he does to support himself along with his parents. One night, he accidentally comes across a stunning beauty and decides to act upon it.




+ High Points
i – This film’s real charm is its cinematography. Nabil Hasan has able to capture the film’s cold mood on multiple occasions.

ii – Most of the scenes are non-vocal, which is acceptable since the visual scenery itself was progressing the story.

iii – The production design is convincible as the locations that were used are suitable for the film’s atmosphere.




+ Low Points
i – The film length is too short to gain interest.

ii – Zeeshan’s decision to take our President’s favorite move was too soon. It didn’t give enough room for the viewers to understand and accept it.




+ Overall
Zeeshan is a light drama film of a man who is a prisoner of his own life.




Rate: 2.75 out of 5 stars


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