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Mr. Khan’s Review on Ghalthi (2016)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Serial, Ghalthi (2016) aka Mistake. Its Production House is Cinematic Media Production while its Distributor is A-Plus TV.





+ Crew

  • Directed by Kaleem Rajput
  • Cinematography by Hassam Miraj and Adnan Khalid
  • Written by Iftekhar Ahmed Usmani
  • Composed by Wajid Saeed
  • Produced by Naveed Arshad & Musharaf Jaffery




+ Note
Ghalthi aired on A-Plus TV from 14th Jul 2016 – 07th Oct 2016. It consists of total 26 episodes. This serial was so popular that it used to air on A Plus twice in a week. Its opening theme by “Mery Mola Kia Meri Khatain Hian” is sung by Bushra Bilal.



+ Main Cast
1) Agha Ali as Saim
2) Sidra Batool as Saman
3) Sania Shamshad as Zara
4) Abid Ali as Ikhlaque Ahmed


+ Supportive Cast
5) Sajida Syed

6) Shehryar Zaidi

7) Lubna Aslam

8) Naila Jaffery




+ Plot
It centers around Saim who is in mutual love with his 1st cousin, Saman since childhood in secret.  His father Ikhlaque Ahmed is very strict and wants his son to marry of his choice only that is Zara (also 1st cousin of Saim). Before Saim is forced to marry Zara, he marries Saman first without informing anyone.


+ High Points
i – Sidra Batool as Saman performance was good while Abid Ali as Ikhlaque Ahmed performed really well.

ii – Addition of respected Arjumand Hussain was very good judgment, who performed very natural and interesting on-screen.



+ Low Points
i – The story gets interesting from 17th episode. Yes, you read it right… from seventeenth episode! Before that the story is almost the same in first sixteen (1 – 16) episodes. Now tell me, how is it possible for anyone to sit and wait for the drama to finally get interesting?

ii – The makeup artist of this drama series did a terrible job on the cast members.

iii – This is the first Pakistani TV drama series where almost every performer talk (voice over) to themselves first before finally making a stupid decision.

iv – In Pakistani dramas, the main gate of the house is always opened for anyone to walk in and see or hear what’s happening inside? Only where the shot with the character standing outside of the house is to be taken then only would you see the main gate to be locked.  In this drama series too, Ikhlaque Ahmed enters hears everything in secrecy to what his sister and brother in law are talking about of him.

v – If the protagonist had fallen in love with both heroines and had kids with them. After that only do he comes to know the bitter truth, would have made this drama series a very memorable one (highly controversial, yes) in Pakistani TV history.



+ Overall
Despite its (kind a) new premise, Ghalthi feels like a disjointed series of endless talks, rather than a sharp narrative, and ends up in a deep ditch.

Rate: 1.50 out of 5 stars

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