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Mr. Khan’s Review on My Pure Land (2017)

A review on British-Pakistani Drama-Action feature-length film, My Pure Land (2017). The Production House and Distributor is Bill Kenwright Films.




+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Sarmad Masud
  • Cinematography by Haider Zafar
  • Edited by Olly Stothert
  • Music by Tristan Cassel-Delavois
  • Produced by Bill Kenwright






+ Note

My Pure Land is an Urdu-language British drama film, directed by British Pakistani filmmaker, Sarmad Masud. It is based on a true story which focuses on Nazo Dharejo, a villager woman who fought bandits in the village of Qazi Ahmed Taluka, Sindh, Pakistan. It is told in a non-linear style where the three women faced with armed men led by her uncle who try to take her property forcibly from her.

The lead character of Nazo is played by a Pakistani dancer and TV award-winning actress, Suhaee Abro. She is the daughter of a famous Sindhi poet and activist, Attiya Dawood. Besides acting, Suhaee is a trained classical dancer. She has worked in many television plays, theater, documentaries and music videos.

My Pure Land casts a withering look at the patriarchal system of that nation and the corruption of the local authorities.






+ Main Cast

  1. Suhaee Abro as Nazo
  2. Eman Malik as Saeda
  3. Razia Malik as Waderi
  4. Syed Tanveer Hussain as Baba
  5. Ahsen Murad as Mehrban






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Tayyab Ifzal as Zulfiqar
  2. Atif Akhtar Bhatti as Sikander
  3. Malik Aslam as Police Chief
  4. Muhammed Safdar as Safdar
  5. Muhammed Aslam as Aslam






+ Minor Cast

  1. Salman Ahmed Khan as Amir
  2. Abdul Qadir as Driver





+ Plot

Three women defend their home against a group of armed men who want to take it forcibly from them.




+ High Points


i – The lead star, Suhaee Abro as Nazo has given a solid performance as a strong-headed woman who stands her ground with her family over a land dispute. Suhaee may perhaps be an unknown actress to the foreign market, but she has proven in a number of successful TV serials such as Sang-e-Mar Mar (2016) and Yakeen Ka Safar (2017) where she has not only acted brilliantly but also took up some daring roles too. Other Honorable Mentions: Syed Tanveer Hussain.

ii – The non-linear editing, helps the story to unfold gradually as the film progresses.

iii – There is some mild humor in the flashbacks to enjoy.






+ Low Points

i – Hardly any effort been made to make the story interesting. It’s pretty much, straight forward film with no sub plots.

ii – In a simple story, one tries to find great direction; which in this case is hard to come by.

iii – There is barely one or no song to listen to.






+ Overall

Even if, it is based on a true story, by skipping the addition of sub plots or the absence of having a strong romantic chemistry, My Pure Land happens to be a very dry film.





Rate: 1.75 out of 5 stars



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