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Mr. Khan’s Review on Faraib (2017)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Series, Faraib (2017) aka Fraud. The Production House is Screen Shot Productions whereas its Distributor is Play TV.



+ Crew

  • Written, Directed & Produced by Syed Atif Ali
  • Cinematography by Akhtar Nadeem
  • Directed by Imran Qadir and Zubair Afridi
  • Title Song & OST Music by Wajih Uddin Meer and Masood Alam
  • Line Produced by Manzar Ali




+ Note
Faraib aired on Play Entertainment from 3rd Mar 2017 – 8th Sep 2017. In total, it consists of 27 episodes. This TV serial is about selfishness, deceit and betrayal.

Syed Atif Ali has directed a number of TV serials, including Khan (2017) and Aitebar (2017). His debut feature film was Pari (2017) which is available at Netflix. One of this serial’s actors is Muneeb Baig. He is a student of NAPA and a good theatre actor.

There may be some SPOILERS ahead!




+ Main Cast

  1. Kinza Hashmi as Nimra
  2. Azekha Daniyal as Hania
  3. Aly Khan as Nawab Sahib
  4. Parveen Akbar as Hania’s Mother
  5. Shehzaad Ali Khan as Baray Saeein
  6. Junaid Akhtar as Ehtesham
  7. Mazhaer Ali Khan as Deepika







+ Supportive Cast

  1. Falak Zai as Hania’s Sister (Younger)
  2. Fareeha Jabeen as Nimra’s Mother
  3. Shahid Naqvi as Nimra’s Father
  4. Hina Rizvi as Hania’s Sister-in-Law
  5. Hanif Bachan as Hania’s Father




+ Plot

Once finding out, Hania cannot conceive any children, her shrewd mother makes a plan of betrayal which involves her daughter’s close friend Nimra.




+ High Points

i – A terrific acting by Kinza Hashmi who plays the role of Nimra. She is shown as pretty girl next door on-screen and have has delivered a memorable performance.

ii – Azekha Daniyal as Hania, a supportive antagonist role, which is executed nicely.

iii – A clever addition of Deepika’s character which well performed by Mazhaer Ali Khan. Here, he plays a LGBT character. Other Honorable Mentions: Parveen Akbar and Shehzaad Ali Khan.

iv – The story / plot is an interesting platform to bring the viewers’ attention to this TV serial.




+ Low Points

i – it is always difficult to like antagonist characters, especially if they are written as cunning and narcissist as Hania’s mother.

ii – I am afraid, like many others, Aly khan is stuck with Type Casted roles. Most often one would see him playing, ‘Nawab’ type roles.

iii – Muneeb Baig is clearly miscasted in the role of Hania’s sister-in-law’s son. He is a good actor and should be given a role, which have suited his appearance.

iv – We (viewers) never get to see the interior of Nimra’s house. Perhaps, the director got the permission to shoot the house compound only. Other shooting locations were limited and not something to be proud of.

v – To accept that Nawab sahib is that naïve, which is highly unlikely for a person of his high status and position in the house.

vi – I am very disappointed to know the the hidden identity of rapist was not revealed even in its finale. Really?

vii – The subplot of Hania’s sister and her marriage related scenes were dull to watch.




+ Overall
Faraib’s story is built-up with a well-established protagonist & antagonist. However, once it starts racing towards its finishing line, from there onwards, it just gets messy.




Rate: 2.50 out of 5 stars


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