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Mr. Khan’s Review on Dobara Phir Se (2016)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Drama feature length film, Dobara Phir Se (2016). The Production House and Distributed by ARY Films.




+ Crew

  • Written, Directed & Produced by Mehreen Jabbar
  • Director of Photography by Andreas Burgess
  • Co-Written by Bilal Sami
  • Music by Haniya Aslam & Justin Gray
  • Co-produced by Salman Iqbal & Mohammad Jerjees Seja




+ Note

Dobara Phir Se consists of seven songs altogether. This film is greatly inspired / influenced by the popular Hollywood romantic comedy film, When Harry Met Sally (1989) where the Bollywood film Hum Tum (2004) inspired from.



+ Main Cast

1) Adeel Hussain as Hammad

2) Sanam Saeed as Samar

3) Hareem Farooq as Zainab

4) Ali Kazmi as Vassay

5) Tooba Siddiqui as Natasha

6) Atiqa Odho as Ammi




+ Plot

Zainab is a divorcee and has a young son, is still having troubled relationship with her ex-husband Asim but is in good terms with her ex-mother-in-law, Ammi. One night in a friend’s party she happens to meet Hammad with whom she feels safe and happy with.



+ High Points

i – Andreas’s cinematography has given a Top-Notch quality of work, made the audience to pay attention towards it.

ii – Ali Kazmi’s performance is the only one who I would consider good of the lot.

iii – Thorough detailed work art direction, which is especially apparent in its Mehdi song.

iv – The makeup & hair styling department made sure to make Hareem Farooq, Tooba Siddiqui and Atiqa Odho glamorous on-screen.

v – The screenplay is sound and works well with its lead characters.

vi – The songs are pleasant to listen to, and are well placed in the film.



+ Low Points

i – The first half of the film looked promising. It seemed to be heading towards something new and interesting… boy, what a disappointment! By the second half, most of the people were finding hard time in enjoying the film.

ii – This story is so overused, on and on by Hollywood, Bollywood writers. If an average local director would have directed this film, then perhaps I would not have complained it in such a way. But come on guys! This is Mehreen Jabbar who we are talking about! We know to what kind of work she comes up with. She can do wonders! But here, it was not so.

iii – So many scenes are of the ex-lover / love of your life’s meetings that happens to be available at any place or time. Plus, what’s up with having no awkwardness between the two females, who are in love with same person?

iv – Since the story is not new or interesting, the screenplay has lost its value.

v – The kind of decisions the characters would do taking are so unlikely to happen with anyone in real life. Such as, the supporting heroine leaves the room willingly so that her boyfriend could talk to his former love alone. My issue here is that the supporting heroine is well aware that the former lover of her boyfriend came back not just to patch things up but to win him back. And she let it happens.

vi – Due to its typical story, almost the film is predictable.

vii – After watching the film, you would end up having a mixture of feelings… was the film good or bad? Did I enjoy the film or not? Should I recommend to someone or no?

viii – I can assure you that the majority of the audience interest was shattered long before the film ended. They were literally making jokes or fun of the film during its ‘Emotional’ or ‘Tense’ scenes.

ix – In the end, you would have this feeling that the film is so bad that it’s actually ‘Good’!



+ Overall

Despite having a reputable director and a significant cinematography, Dobara Phir Se ultimately fails to deliver an interesting story — or even the strong performances — expected from this rom-drama film.



Rate: 2.50 out of 5 stars


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