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Mr. Khan’s Review on Beech Bahar ki Raat ka Sapna (2020)

A review on Pakistani Comedy-Drama theatre play, Beech Bahar ki Raat ka Sapna (2020). It was performed at Laughter Theatre Festival 2020, NAPA.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Syed Meesam Naqvi
  • Written (Adapted) by Khalid Ahmad
  • Production Design by Sunita Bawani
  • Choreography by Bazelah Mustufa
  • Costume Design by Erum Bashir


+ Note

Beech Bahar ki Raat ka Sapna is an adapted play, originally written by William Shakespeare as A Midsummer Night Dream in 1595-6. Mischief, magical transformations, mistaken identities, and love tangles abound in this fantastical, dream-like world.

Syed Meesam Naqvi is one of the stalwarts of NAPA Repertory Theatre Company. He is a faculty member of NAPA & Arts Council. Meesam has directed plays such as Mujrim Ya Mulzim, Apartment 746, Raagni, Jungle Main Mangal Bazar and many more.

This play was the last out of the three plays which was performed in this festival.



+ Main Cast

  1. Saad Zameer as Tabrez and Gulfaam
  2. Marya Saad as Razmita and Gulnaar
  3. Raheel Siddiqui as Sikandar
  4. Zain Nazar as Taimoor
  5. Fajir Sheikh as Harmia
  6. Naureen Mumtaz as Aleena




+ Supporting Cast

  1. Hammad Khan as Puck
  2. Hammad Siddique as Painda Pansari
  3. Syed Muhammad Jameel as Peter Babu
  4. Kaleem Ghouri as Murli Lohaar
  5. Tanveer Gill as Mohan Kumar
  6. Aqeel Ahmed as Rangbaz Rangraiz
  7. Vajdaan Shah as Dilbar Tailor Master




+ Minor Cast

  1. Sarmad Khan as Aajiz
  2. Daniyal as Faizan
  3. Najma Kifayat as Pari #1
  4. Aleena as Pari #2
  5. Hira as Pari #3
  6. N/A as Pari #4





+ Plot
A feuding fairy king and queen, cross paths with four young lovers and a rustic theatre troupe rehearsing a play in an enchanted forest.



+ High Points
i – A salute to Meesam’s direction for bringing this Shakespeare’s one of the most popular play to our local theatre world in a very splendid way. Only a great director, with such skills could have capture this achievement.

ii – A very interesting, well-versed adaptation and storytelling by our respected writer, Khalid Ahmed sb.

iii – Hammad Siddique has given a very comical and unforgettable performance as Painda Pansari. Over the years, his acting technique and the kind of roles that he should portray has significantly improved. His character’s transformation from desperate, aggressive actor to donkey-humanoid being was very professionally handled and performed on-stage. Two thumbs up!

iv – Most of the humorous scenes were of the ‘mechanical’ team or amateur performers. It consists of a group of six people, including their director. Every performer plays a comic-relief character who could identify himself with a unique attribute.

v – Saad Fareedi as Tabrez / Gulfaam has surprised us all in playing the king of the fairies. Finally, I must say… Saad has played an interesting and unusually different character to remember him by.

vi – I am very pleased with Hammad Khan’s performance as Puck. Once again, he has able to win the audience hearts with his great experience in playing comical characters as the script demands it to be.

vii – The entire cast gave a praise-worthy performance.

viii – Surprisingly, a terrific job on its costume designing. Good surprises on super natural characters’ clothing. Splendid work!

ix – The makeup & hair-styling of the characters, is certainly to admire.  

x – The chemistry between Sikander and Harmia was well-put and inspiring to enough.

xi – Nice job behind the control of the lighting; able to bring different moods into the play in timely fashion.




+ Low Points
i – I would seriously advise you to always arrange a professional choreographer for such big budget plays.

ii – The production design is mildly positive but not something to be proud of. The changing of the background set (with required props) in different scenarios, would have boasted this play’s overall grade.

iii – A couple of songs with musical performances between the play’s acts or different beats, is another way to improve this play’s quality.




+ Overall
Meesam’s Beech Bahar ki Raat ka Sapna gave his heart out to make this play a memorable one.

Rate: 4.25 out of 5 stars


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