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Mr. Khan’s Review on Wapsi (2020)

A review on Pakistani Comedy-Horror theatre play, Wapsi aka Return (2020). It was performed at Laughter Theatre Festival 2020, NAPA.



+ Crew

  • Written (Adapted) & Directed by Naz



+ Note

Wapsi is originally written by Noel Coward as Blithe Spirit in 1941 and a film adaptation by the same name in 1945, starring Rex Harrison.

The director has graduated from NAPA in 2016 and since been active in their theatrical activities both as in actor and direction.

This was the second out of the three plays to be performed in this festival.



+ Full Cast

  1. Shumaila Taj as Khanum Batool
  2. Syed Arsalan as Mansoor
  3. Najma Kifayat as Areeba
  4. Erum Bashir as Naureen
  5. Faizan Chawla as Dr. Adil
  6. Safia Bhalaisha as Mrs. Adil
  7. Mahjabeen Rehman as Reshma





+ Plot

Mansoor is a writer who wants to research on spirits for his next novel. Along with his wife, Areeba, he invites a local spirit medium Khanum Batool to hold a seance at their house. Khanum unwittingly brings back the ghost of Mansoor’ first wife, Naureen, to haunt him. Appearing only to Mansoor, Naureen causes havoc between the married couple.





+ High Points

i – A praiseworthy direction by Naz. Her directorial plays are often complex and very well presented. She has given a very satisfying result to this comic-horror play.

ii – The performances by the entire cast was good and well-balanced.

iii – Interesting characters of the play were of Shumaila as Khanum Batool, a spiritual medium and Erum, who performed as Mansoor’s late first wife. Their scenes were the most exciting ones to watch.

iv – A nice adaptation to Noel’s play. The humor level and a number of its punchlines bought the audience a good laughter.

v – The play comes to a proper end with a good effort behind its stage management. Fine job!




+ Low Points
i – This would not be the first time that I have complained of Naz’s plays’ production design. Kindly give heed to it. The sofa covers looked dreadful, as if bought from a cheap, second-hand materials bazaar. The stage design itself was okay but give utter importance to their props. A more detailed set design is recommended; plus avoid using 2 chairs with a round small table. This is something which almost every new comer decides to use it in their play’s set design.

Your play already has four characters who needs the usage of the chairs for their performances. Better to use actual four chairs with a bigger table from next performance onwards.

ii – The costume design is mildly sound but could have been better. Also, make your male stars to wear simple black colored socks. Anything performed and appeared on-stage is the final presentation of your play that would be noted.


+ Overall
Wapsi is a seamlessly assembled comedy with lasting appeal.


Rate: 3.25 out of 5 stars


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