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Mr. Khan’s Review on Saat Mulaqatein (2019)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV-web series, Saat Mulaqatein (2019). Its Production House is Nashpati Prime and its Distributor is Binjee.



+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Kashif Nisar
  • Narration by Hamza Firdous
  • Created & Produced by Qaiser Ali




+ Note

Saat Mulaqatein aired on Nashpati Prime in the fall of 2019. In total it consists of 09 episodes. This web series is a project of Nashpati Prime on YouTube and Binjee, is its digital platform.

The issues the couple faces individually in life are of betrayal, guilt, self-esteem and trust issues.They both feel that because of other, they are unable to succeed in life. By being separated, they feel the value of one another.

Nashpati Prime is a hybrid online video platform containing web series, cooking shows, travelogues, talk shows, skits, stand-up comedy and animations. It is a subsidiary of QLinks Productions, Pakistan





+ Full Cast

  1. Nauman Ejaz as Husband / Noman
  2. Zara Tareen as Wife
  3. Hamza Firdous as Writer





+ Plot

It is about a couple who go their separate ways on their 15th wedding anniversary.




+ High Points

i – Wonderful performances by both the lead stars. This is one the main reason you would love to watch this limited web-series.

ii – Kashif Nisar wrote a good script for the performers to give them an uplift to their dialogue delivery to make Saat Mulaqatein a memorable series.

iii – It is easy to say that the first 5 episodes were more interesting than the last few ones.

iv – Having short duration to each episode, is another plus point to appreciate it.





+ Low Points

i – All is going well, until the last few episodes including its finale were just not up to one’s expectations.

ii – By giving more emphasis towards its production design, would have benefited this web-series.

iii – The final outcome is unfortunately very predictable.




+ Overall
Saat Mulaqatein benefits from solid performances and interestingly written screenplay.




Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars


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