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Mr. Khan’s Review on Oye Kuch Kar Guzar (2016)

A review on Pakistani Online Comedy feature length film, Oye Kuch Kar Guzar (2016). The Production House is Djuice Pakistan while its Distributor is iD creations.



+ Crew

  1. Written & Directed by Harris Rasheed
  2. Edited by Imran Mushtaq
  3. Music by Jamal Rahman
  4. Produced by Syed Zaheer Uddin and Emad Ishaq Khan




+ Note

Oye Kuch Kar Guzar is the first Pakistani online film. It consists of 5 episodes where every episode (except the last) has 2 options to select online for the next episode. It was released on YouTube on 3rd Dec 2016.

This film was shot in Kallar Kahar (Chakwal), Katas Fort, Haveli Sardar Jawala Singh Sandu Padhana (Lahore) and Lahore Railway Station.





+ Main Cast

  1. Ali Safina as Shamsher Iqbaldin / Sherry
  2. Uzair Jaswal as Junaid Hafeez Sarhadi / Jango
  3. Ushna Shah as Zara Hayat Khan (Xara)
  4. Mahjabeen Habib as Shabnam Mushtaq Chaudary





+ Plot

Two guys randomly meet two young females at their train cabinet, where a number of mishaps take place.





+ High Points

i – Well, this is new… to see an online film with option provided to the viewer of selecting which outcome to choose for the story to progress.

ii – Then the main characters can interact with the narrator throughout the film by breaking the fourth wall to help them to ease up the situations.

iii – It is a mix reaction by the audience regarding the time length of the film. It’s less than 120 minutes which I believe is good for this film.

iv – The film edited is by Imran Mushtaq, who has done a decent job for such type of film.

v – Ushna Shah is the only star, the viewer might remember in this film. The main reason is that she is the only well-known celebrity in the main cast.





+ Low Points

i – The film is rushed quickly towards the next scene where the writer / director hardly gave any importance in first establishing the emotional link of the main characters with the viewers.

ii – Since the film is comic thus the viewer hardly felt any fear of losing them or to find them in a conflicting situation; knowingly nothing serious would happen to them anyway. Basically, I just didn’t care.

iii – No song is worth listening.

iv – Nor anyone’s performance was enjoyable or pleasant to watch.




+ Overall

Other than great concept, a little is done with Oye Kuch Kar Guzar, adding yet another film to the pile of forgettable comedies.




Rate: 1.75 out of 5 stars


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