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Mr. Khan’s Review on Chupan Chupai (2017)

A review on Pakistani comedy feature length film, Chupan Chupai (2017). The Production House is Huzu Productions while its Distributor is Hum Films.



+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Mohsin Ali
  • Co-Written by Zeeshan Haider
  • Cinematography by Jeffery Fountain
  • Edited by Ehtesham Khan, Waqas Ali Khan, Faheem Ahmed & Salman Tehzeeb
  • Produced by Ray Khan & Zayed Sheikh




+ Note

Chupan Chupai is the debut movie of stars such as Faizan Khwaja, Neelam Muneer and Sakina Samo. This movie is a Pakistani remake of 2013 Indian Tamil language movie Soodhu Kavvum (2013). It has been remade in Telugu as Gaddam Gang (2015). The Production Designers are Jari Khushnood Naqwi & Bazey Khan while its Makeup & Hairstylists are Hasan Shabbir & Alam Hakim’s. The Music is composed by Asrar.

There is a huge cast of cameos which are mostly performed by NAPA actors and faculty members. Such as Inzamam Jalal (an Actor, Director, DOP and Editor), Maaz Ahmed (very Skillful Cinematographer), Zain Ahmed and Khalid Ahmed (Faculty Members, TV artist, Writer and Director), Saad Zameer and Erum Bashir (one of the leading performers of NAPA), Akber, Hammad, Ahmer, Muneeb, Najma, Roohi and Kaleem are good performers of NAPA. Arisha is a TV artist and Zeeshan Haider (an Actor, Faculty Member, Writer, Director and a Mentor).





+ Main Cast

  1. Ahsan Khan as Babu
  2. Neelam Munir as Pari
  3. Faizan Khawaja as Bobby
  4. Vajdaan Shah as Teli
  5. Zayad Sheikh as Feddy
  6. Ali Rizvi as Koki
  7. Talat Hussain as Aijaz Durrani






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Adnan Jaffar as Chaudhry
  2. Rehan Sheikh as Khan
  3. Sakina Samo as Bobby’s Mother
  4. Javed Sheikh as Chief Minister
  5. Saife Hassan as Kidnapped Girl’s Father
  6. Nazar-ul-Hassan as Police Constable
  7. Arshad Mehmud as DIG






+ Cameo

  1. Zeeshan Haider as Drone Controller
  2. Arisha Razi as Kidnap Girl
  3. Kaleem Ghouri as Guy with Bizarre Haircut
  4. Khalid Ahmed as Kidnap Girl’s Father
  5. Inzamam Jalal as Minister’s Attendant
  6. Erum Bashir as Lady with Veges
  7. Saad Zameer Fareedi as Lawyer
  8. Zain Ahmed as Interviewer
  9. Akber Ladhani as Stranger #1
  10. Ahmer Hussain as Stranger #2
  11. Muneeb Baig as Stranger #3
  12. Roohi Ahmed as Minister’s Wife Attendant
  13. Maaz Ahmed as Thug
  14. Najma Kifayat as Girl with fast food
  15. Hammad Siddiq as Thug in Hospital




+ Plot

A group of three friends Feddy, Koki and Teli who happens to meet Babu by chance and decides to team up with him & his girlfriend Pari to earn big in much easier (riskier) way.




+ High Points

i – Ali Rizvi as Koki has performed as a memorable character. He greatly reminded me of the fame comic relief characters in the 70s were mostly performed by John Belushi (deceased). Ali has able to bring many people attention towards him of not just because his character was most interestingly written but very well performed as well. Other Honorable Mentions: Ahsan Khan and Faizan Khawaja.

ii The comedy of Chupan Chupai is good on some occasions although mostly, light humor is provided (which by the way worked out quite sound for the film). The key comic relief character of Koki is mainly responsible for this.

iii – Makeup & hair styling did a good job; glamorous looks by Neelum Muneer, Ahsan Khan and Faizan Khawaja.





+ Low Points

i – This film has more (plot) holes than a Swiss cheese has. There is no / proper explanation given to anything. Such as why Chaudhry decides to change his gun at the last minute, no Pari’s backstory is provided, why and how the bizarre haircut guy is teamed up with Babu, how Koki ends up with the same woman in the film? At some places, one may be able to defend themselves but not on all. I am sorry to say but this is a Novice level of writing and I am very shocked to see talented name in the writing dept. No seriously, what went wrong?  Is this a case of creative differences?

ii – Forgettable songs! The audience can take a serious snore nap here.

iii – Still not satisfied to see a petty role given to such a great actor, Nazar-ul-Hassan. You have no idea, what this guy can do if a good, interesting role is given to him.

iv – It is shameful to say that most of these cameos were given to perform useless, unmemorable roles. Only one or two roles have some importance to remember them by otherwise almost all of them are those roles which are given to extras. Only thing these actors could say is that ‘Yes, I … am in Chupan Chupai’.

v – No proper / good message is given to the audience to learn in the end. So basically, we should take the easier way out? We should not struggle and work on righteous path but do exactly what they did in the film? Nice.





+ Overall

It’s hard to say Chupan Chupai is a good comedy film but its constant humor and sparkling performances especially by Ali Rizvi, did their best to uplift the film’s second half from its mixture of farce spaghetti from becoming any other ‘Cat and Mouse’ chase. Yet, their best was not good enough to save the film from being a misfire.




Rate: 1.50 out of 5 stars

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