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Mr. Khan’s Review on Khuwabon Ke Musafir (2016)

A review on Pakistani Radio-Drama theatre play, Khuwabon k Musafir AKA On A Dream Journey (2016). It was performed by NAPA.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Zia Mohiyuddin
  • Written by Intizar Hussain


+ Note

Khuwabon Ke Musafir was written almost 50 years ago. It focuses on the behavior of the human condition. Not only does the play concerns on the social issues that the subcontinent’s Muslim families are involved in, but how people tend to bring the difference the changes that the migration has in a society.




+ Full Cast

  1. Saad Zameer Fareedi as Miyan Jaan
  2. Marya Saad as Kishwer
  3. Adnan Anis as Iffo
  4. Akber Ladhani as Bando
  5. Naz as Bari Bua
  6. Zakiullah Khan as Master Sahib
  7. Shumaila Taj as Buji
  8. Taha Khan as Shahid


+ Plot

An old married couple, Miyan Jaan and Buji who have a daughter named Kishwer. Buji often worries about getting Kishwer marriage. On the other hand, Miyan Jaan’s widowed sister Bari Bua’s son, Shahid’s education expenses are taken care by Miyan Jaan. Buji believes that Shahid would be the most suitable son-in-law.

However, Kishwer is interested in Iffo (one of Miyan Jaan’s nephews) who lives with them. Iffo also likes her but is an unemployed, easy going and a day dreamer.





+ High Points

i – The name of legendary Zia Mohiyuddin in the play’s direction was enough to invite fame celebrities, popular publishing houses and media channels to cover this event.

ii – The performance by Marya Saad was the most decent of them all. After a long time, I was able to attend her play where she did not disappoint. Other stars were fair in their acting.

iii – As the play progressed, there were several punch lines where the audience enjoyed.

iv – The set design looked spectacular. Surprising, really!

v – This play is for hardcore theatre fans only.

vi – This time Shumaila Taj performance was (to be very frank) okay. But there was improvement since her last performance. But she has way long road to go in the ranks of successful actors.

v – Good to see new face (Taha Khan) performance.

vi – I liked Naz’s effort in playing the role as Bari Bua. Although cannot pin point and say it’s exactly good but definitely worth of shot to watch her performance. She would be most likely the runner up just after Marya’s performance.




+ Low Points

i – The quality of the play tells us that respected Zia Mohiyuddin gave all his attention on the voice delivery of the actors rather than focusing on their physical performance, their movement of body gesture and what was the limit of their blocking. If we look at a still picture, there you would see that there is no movement of the characters.

Similarly, here was the same case. The actors were more concerned on their voice performance and totally forgot where their body movement should be in.

ii – As the director himself did not even bothered to make an appearance for his play. Similarly, the direction itself happened to be missing in the play as well. Zia Mohiyuddin must have said ‘Direction ki kya zaroorat hai? Mera naam hi kaafi hai’ (There is no need of direction, my name is enough).

Since this was not just a radio play, therefore direction had to be taken care of. Just because one has a big name, does not give that person the right to excuse himself from their responsibility. But thankfully, that this play was on free entry.

iii – As the play started, about half an hour later I was still unsure and decided to ask a fellow colleague / theatre play fan (who happens to be sitting beside me) that ‘What’s happening in the play? What is the plot?’ The reply I got was ‘I am also trying it figure out’.

It means that ‘If’ you already read the story or have watched this play which happened back in the year 2010 and again earlier this year then only you can follow this play from the start. Otherwise, you have to give much proper time before you can make out to what is its synopsis.

iv – Even after watching the entire play, it is hard to say who exactly was the main protagonist? The father or the daughter or her lover?

v – Saad Fareedi is an actor, where one expects him to perform brilliantly on stage. This person does not need to be told what to do or how he could make his performance interesting or what his character’s want is. The number of times I have watched his performances, he comes up with genius level of ideas in order to play his character with in-depth. In this play, like the rest of the cast performed mildly only, which is actually a disappointment.

vi – If a certain dialogue is comical and an actor gives its punch line once… then yes, it is a joke and hilarious to listen. But once you have passed that and second or so on you gave exactly same dialogue / punch line, then it is no longer a joke but rather considered as a ‘Repeated line’. But this happened several times, to two or three punch lines kept repeating with some gap. Audience did not know how to react after listening to the same joke so they laughed lightly to keep themselves awake.

vii – Adnan Anis really needs to work hard as an actor, if he is serious to be one in future. He was the weakest of the lot. But I hope he does learn from his mistakes soon.

viii – When the play was about to start, a much greater number of audiences was present although the auditorium was still not full. But even before the interval came, some of the people already left the auditorium for good.

After the interval, some people remain seated while most of red-carpet guests left the premises. Only handful of people came back to watch the 2nd half of the play.

Since, I was not enjoying the play myself, I turned my head to see other people reactions. Although some were listening to the play very closely while others were literally sleeping in their seats.



+ Overall

One might have high expectations knowing that respected Zia Mohiyuddin has directed Khuwabon Ke Musafir. Though, if this is the quality of direction by him, then I would prefer to skip his further plays.



Rate: 1.50 out of 5 stars


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