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Mr. Khan’s Review on Hamlet (2016)

A review on Shakespeare’s Adapted Pakistani Drama theatre play, Hamlet (2016). It was performed at NAPA.


+ Crew

  • Director is Zakiullah Khan

Music Team

  • Hamza Ali
  • Faryaal Khan
  • Ahsan Iqbal Khan
  • Yastoor Khan Ghouri
  • Elma Rauf
  • Nadeem Khokhar




+ Note

Hamlet is arguably Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy. It is a tale of indecision, revenge, retribution, deception, ambition, loyalty and fate.

The director, Zakiullah Khan is one of the founders and CEO of ZAHRSSS Productions. He has been associated with and has performed in many Theatre festivals and Youth conferences. Zaki has performed in various plays like Baba Jaalinoos and Guria Ka Ghar.




+ Full Cast

1) Saad Zameer Fareedi as Hamlet

2) Syed Meesam Naqvi as Claudius / Ghost of the King

3) Marya Saad Fareedi as Getrude

4) Tehrim Shafiq as Ophelia

5) Kamal Hussain as Polonius

6) Nadir Hussain as Laertes

7) Arshad Malik as Rosencrantz / Grave Digger #1

8) Younus Khan as Guildenstern

9) Zakiullah Khan as Baptista / Player #1

10) Adnan Anis as Gonzago / Oscric / Grave Digger #2 / Player #2

11) Taha Khan as Lucianus / Player #3 /Priest

12) Cornelius Andrew as Horatio




+ Plot

Prince Hamlet mourns his father’s death and his mother, Queen Gertrude’s remarriage to her late husband’s brother, Claudius. The ghost of Hamlet’s father appears to him and tells him that Claudius has poisoned him. Hamlet swears revenge but cannot find himself to be up to it.




+ High Points

i – Syed Meesam Naqvi is a wonderful actor and never once he has ever disappointed the audience when he is on stage and performing. His roles as Claudius / Ghost of the King were admirably executed. This is the reason why the young theatre actors look up to him for advises.

ii – Zakiullah Khan as Baptista / Player #1 played his roles fabulously. When he did a cross-dressing scene, I kept looking & laughing at his facial expressions saying ‘What the hell is this guy’s doing’? Even after learning the king’s death, his (intentional) exaggerated gestures was very funny and enjoyable. Other Honorable Mentions: Younas Khan and Tehrim Shafiq.

iii – Saad Zameer Fareedi, has always been one of the favorite actors of the audience. He is usually chosen at NAPA plays for the lead roles due to his confident and worthy acting craftsmanship. In this play too, he was selected in the lead role as Hamlet and performed thriving on stage.

iv – The grave yard scene performed by Arshad Malik and Adnan Anis (as the grave diggers) was pleasant to watch.

v – The duel of swords fighting between Hamlet and Laertes was carefully constructed. Good work!

vi – The costumes of the characters were well suited accordingly to the play’s setting.

vii – Most of the credit of the play’s success would be given to Zakiullah for directing such a wonderful play in a very ideal manner. Thumbs up!

viii – Though the stage broke down from the center (after the graveyard scene) but the show kept going as it was handled by the actors who were already cautious of it. Great team work!

ix – The professional music team gave a big plus point to enjoy the play including sang some vocal songs in between.





+ Low Points

i – Some of the names (of supporting roles) were hard to remember them.

ii – The set design to be honest was mild and manageable.





+ Overall

Hamlet is a majestic achievement!




Rate: 4.50 out of 5 stars

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