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Mr. Khan’s Review on Sher Dil (2019)

A review on Pakistani War Action-Drama feature length film, Sher Dil (2019). The Production House is NK Films while its Distributor is ARY Films.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Azfar Jafri
  • Written & Produced by Nouman Khan
  • Cinematography by Riki Butland
  • Music Composed by Adnan Dhul and Rabi Ahmed
  • Fight Choreography by Sonu Dangerous





Sher Dil refers to Sherdils aka Lion Hearts of Pakistan; they are the aerobatics display team of the Pakistan Air Force (PAF). The Sherdils are based at the Pakistan Air Force Academy, Risalpur, Pakistan and consist of nine Karakoram K-8P aircraft.

Previously, Azfar Jafri has directed Parchi (2018) and Janaan (2016). According to inside reports, the film will be shot in Egypt, Dubai and Pakistan. ‘NK Pictures’, has previously worked with the PAF to produce a track called Tum Hi Se Aye Mujahidoon that was sung by the late Junaid Jamshed and featured Sher dil’s leading man, Mikaal Zulfiqar.





+ Main Cast

  1. Mikaal Zulfiqar as Flt Lt Haris Mustafa
  2. Armeena Khan as Sabrina
  3. Hassan Niazi as Flt Lt Arun Veerani
  4. Ibrahim Alavi as Fawad
  5. Sabeeka Imam as Sarah Francis
  6. Malik Aqeel as Harijeet
  7. Belal Shahid as Irfan






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Sair Hassan as Squadron Leader Sikander
  2. Samina Ahmed as Haris’s Grandmother
  3. Imran Uppal as Haris’s Father
  4. Laila Zuberi as Haris’s Mother
  5. Noman Khan as Air Commander Junaid Jamshed
  6. Kashif Khan as Gangster





+ Plot

A young patriotic, Haris Mustafa wants to serve his country and join PAF, similar to his grandfather. But his father wants Haris to join him in their family business.




+ High Points

i – Mikaal Zulfiqar is a charming, handsome actor who plays his character as Haris, a courageous PAF star pilot. Not only is he a photogenic but his acting skills are always laudable. Although both of his films, Na Band, Na Baraati (2018) and Sher Dil (2019) still fails to make its mark with the audience. But his charming good looks and great acting skills make the audience want to watch the film for the sake of it.

ii – Arun Veerani played by Hassan Niazi gave a very satisfying performance. The first & only performance I ever watched of Hassan Niazi before this was in another Pakistani feature film, Maalik (2016) where many people, including myself genuinely appreciated it. Other Honorable Mentions: Ibrahim Alavi.

iii – The production design and locations of shoot were exotic at times and well-chosen especially in songs shoot.

iv – I won’t really call Hassan’s character as villain as his and Mikaal’s relationship is given a shape of bromance which is a very well handled BTW. The last & perhaps the only time an Indian film showed the opponent as a good heart, mature person was in Refugee (2000) played by Sunil Shetty. The conflict between these two characters in Sher Dil, is of the line of duty for their country and not their personal differences. Knowingly that with whom they are up against and the fact that they both respect each other sentiments, but their top priority is the safeguard your country.

v – The visual effects are the real treat here. Unlike in Parwaaz Hai Junoon (2018), this film able to do it right. The fight sequences between the fighter pilots in the sky is commendable.

vi – Good efforts behind the costume designing of the characters which includes the wardrobe of the lead stars as well as of main supporting cast.

vii – Makeup & hair styling did a good job with the film stars who looked glamorous on the big screen.

viii – The man behind the camera is Riki Butland, who did nice work in its cinematography. Its effective lighting and color correction, made the film more visually stunning.

ix – There was some nice, light comedy during the training days at the air force academy. The two comic relief characters were played by Malik Aqeel and Belal Shahid.





+ Low Points

i – Serious flaws in the writing department, where the character Haris’s struggle is missing. His efforts to achieve anything dear to him is nowhere to be found. The writer showed the conflicts in his life but not their hardships in tackling them. Such as:


  • Luck: Haris is born in a rich, loving family.

         Conflict: His parents want him to join their family business instead.

         Struggle: …?



  • Luck: Haris has good hearted friends.

         Conflict: He needs to earn their trust & respect for him.

         Struggle: …?



  • Luck: Sabrina already likes him.

         Conflict: She doesn’t want to marry armed forces occupational guy.

         Struggle: …?



  • Luck: Haris is selected in Air Force Academy.

Conflict: He needs to do his best to be selected as one of the top fighter pilots.

Struggle: …?


If you going to show everything to be easily accomplishing it then you would lose the value of that achievement and so the audience interest.

ii – Armeena Khan is one of the beautiful actresses of Pakistani film industry. I liked her performance in Janaan (2016) also directed by Azar Jafri. Here, Armeena’s acting as well as her character was dull. Sabrina, the character that she is playing is damsel in distress. And the fact that she looked older than to Mikaal.

The makeup & hair styling department could work their wonders here by either making Armeena younger or Mikaal older to suit the couple. In the film’s story, after the sudden time span of 5 years, Mikaal looks just exactly the same. He doesn’t seem to age at all. It is Armeena who still looks older.

iii – The chemistry between Mikaal and Armeena was mediocre. First of all, the love story was forced between the two. They both already like each other which is very dry for the audience to bear.

iv – There were no sub plots to watch other than Haris’s journey.

v – What was the point of the kidnapping scene and the character that was given to Kashif Khan to portray. By looking at his character, I mean the way he was given the screen time during a song, it looked promising and appeared as though that he might be the antagonist of the film or at least a secondary villain. But no. Unnecessary importance was given to a character who is of no use except in one scene which itself made no ‘Head or tails’ for the film’s story or its main content. WTH Jani?

vi – The second half is much drier than the first. I understand that the writer wanted to make things serious in later of the story but it was not interesting to watch.

vii – I don’t remember the character, Sabrina ever flying a fighter plane as shown on the film posters or giving Hassan Niazi a major role to play. His character comes much later in the story and has his only one main fight sequence in the film.   

viii – Most of the songs were just okay; I wouldn’t say it to be good enough to enjoy or be memorable.

ix – In Pakistani armed forces film, patriotism is the key thing which is strongly highlighted throughout the film’s length. But over here, it was mentioned at some places only. I agree that we should not overdo it. Still I feel that it was absent on several occasions.





+ Overall

Sher Dil’s success suffers mainly from the undeniable lackluster a great story, characters handling and weak chemistry between the lead stars.




Rate: 2.50 out of 5 stars

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