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Mr. Khan’s Review on Junoon-e-Ishq (2019)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Drama feature length film, Junoon-e-Ishq (2019). The Production Houses & Distributors are Ever New Studios and Usman Umer Productions.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Naseem Haider Shah
  • Written by Wajid Zubairi
  • Cinematography by Aftab Ahmed
  • Music Composed by M. Arshad
  • Produced by Asghar Ali





Junoon-e-Ishq is a story of love and obsession beyond the limits. The editing is done by Asad Zada. After directing 30 films within Lollywood, Naseem is considered one of the top directors of Lahore.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan happens to be one of the playback singers and sung ‘Chupaon Kaise’. Besides him, Saira Naseem, Humaira Channa, and Joji Ali Khan have also contributed the songs for the film. The film was shot in different parts of Pakistan like Naran & Kaghan Valley. It is claimed that some of the parts were also shot in Bangkok and UK as well.




+ Main Cast

  1. Mahi Khan as Sahiba
  2. Adnan Khan as Raza
  3. Aamir Qureshi as Gulbaz






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Rashid Mehmood as Gulbaz’s Father
  2. Shahid as Sahiba’s Father
  3. Lucky Dear as Raja’s Friend #1






+ Minor Cast

  1. Ali Zafar as Sahiba’s Fiancée
  2. Saleem Panchi as Sahiba’s Servant #1
  3. Maesam Abbas as Raja’s Nephew
  4. Mahnoor as Bar Girl #1
  5. Afreen (Pari) as Bar Girl #2
  6. Asada Ali as Raja’s Friend #2





+ Plot

Gulbaz, a crazy lover is madly in love with the rich girl, Sahiba. But she is already in love with Raja, a poor village boy.





+ High Points

i – There are some nice green trees, cloudy sky and blank walls to look at.

ii – Hardly 1 – 2 songs may be decent enough to listen (not watch) to.





+ Low Points

i – Everything in this film is terrible. You pick anything and that’s bad. Direction? Bad. Writing? Bad. Acting? Bad. Anything I tell you. It’s a wonder that even after directing 30 films, the director or his team still don’t know how to get basic things right for a film to work? This kind of poor execution is seen only when you are over confident with your work and surrounded by those friends who give fake praises on your every move. The only reason they do that so that they could get work and be in good books. And why these filmmakers are so stupid to fell for that? Because everyone loves to hear praises.

If your common sense works, then you would tell the difference of fake and actual praises. But at foremost, listen to the critics first. Listen to what they have to say. They are not your enemies. What they are telling you is where you are making mistakes and how you could learn from them. If you are too proud or too stubborn to learn anything then I guess our majority of the films would be stuck in the dark ages for times to come.

ii – After watching it for 2 minutes, my brain and eyes were having a serious conflict on who to commit suicide first. It’s a D- or F grade Lollywood film quality. The director should give the audience hard-earned money back to them.

iii – Aamir Qureshi (Mustafa Qureshi’s son) was the only recognizable actor from the mainstream media industry and happens to play the antagonist’s role. But I wondered, as to why he would sign to do such a bad film for? He has already acted in some nice TV dramas and some so-so films. Then why say ‘Yes’ to such a crap film? Do the actors not see that such a move may turn out to be a career suicide?

For Aamir to do such a film, he must have been shot with a dozen of tranquilizers where the BTS team later on pulled the strings (after tying with actor’s hands and feet) to perform on-screen. And then after the day’s hard work, left him back to his room, thinking he may have just saw a terrible dream.

iv – Ten minutes after the interval, I was the only one left out of the 15 people who bought the ticket to watch this rubbish film.

v – The director’s choice for comic relief characters given to the certain actors were terrible. Here I am not talking about their acting but their looks. I am sorry to say but these actors should not appear in front of camera, irrespective if those films are comedy or horror. The more I tried to avoid looking at their weird faces, the more they were given screen time with extreme close up shots. Ugh!

vi – Even the makeup & hair styling is done extremely poor… bucket full of makeup were on the female stars (except for the lead). Other stars dirty yellow teeth could be seen clearly. Yuck! The artificial blood used during fight sequences looked fake. Really awful.

vii – In this 135-minute film, there are 7 – 8 songs… out of which there is not 1 or 2 or 3 but at least 4 item songs, dance by 4 different healthy ladies reminding the audience to take us as ‘Sex Objects’. As for the songs, the first song’s main lyrics are the bar girl’s (item girl) beauty is compared with 12 hot spices. Just… don’t ask!

viii – Then we have this ‘Slapping Festival’ where the lead stars especially the female lead got slaps 4 – 5 times. I don’t understand why Lollywood like to promote slapping someone? I remember this same flaw in Syed Noor’s film, Chain Aye Na (2017).

ix – There are lots of over dramatic, ‘Over the Top’ romantic scenes in the film. It’s just gets embarrassing.

x – During my time at the cinema hall, I was almost sure that this got to be the worst Pakistani film I have ever watched. But then it struck to me that I once watched 15 minutes of a Pakistani feature film on a dare where Shafqat Cheema played the lead role. Well, no movie can top that! That film is surely the worst. Therefore, Junoon-e-Ishq is the second worst Pakistani film I have ever watched.




+ Overall

Junoon-e-Ishq is two hours of pure torture.




Rate: 0 out of 5 stars


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