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Mr. Khan’s Review on Halla Gulla (2015)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Com feature length film, Halla Gulla (2015). The Production House is SE Films while its Distributors are IMGC Global Entertainment and Geo Films.



+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Kamran Akbar Khan
  • Cinematography by Asif Khan
  • Co-Written by Raheela Mushtaq Shah
  • Music Composed by Saahir Ali Bagga
  • Produced by Hanif Mohammad





Halla Gulla is a farce comedy film, of the year 2015 which is re-released in 2019. Nasir Inayat is behind the film’s editing.

The story revolves around Sahil and Udaas as Sahil’s uncle, Tiger Bhai secretly plans to take over the territory of Sahil’s father, Golden Bhai as both of these brothers are don. Udaas himself is a married man but in secret has two wives and lives in constant threat of getting caught. But here is where the real fun begins when Sahil & Udaas are forced to tell vast number of lies only to keep their secrets hidden. Although, it gets them into more trouble than before.

Muhammad Asif aka Mr. Bean makes a cameo appearance as photographer in the film.



+ Songs & Item Girls

  • ‘Suroor De’ (song of Rahat Fateh Ali Khan) by Afshan Jawwad
  • ‘Zero Meter’ by Rubab
  • ‘Thumka’ by Mahnoor
  • ‘Halla Gulla’ by Rachel Gill
  • ‘Ishq Kamla’ by Maryam Ansari






+ Main Cast

  1. Asim Mehmood as Saahil
  2. Sidra Batool as Muskarahat
  3. Muneeb Butt as Udaas
  4. Javed Sheikh as Golden Bhai
  5. Ismail Tara as Tiger Bhai
  6. Jasmeen Ahmed as Sharmeeli
  7. Bilal Yousufzai as Shoq
  8. Sara Khan as Chanchal






+ Supporting Cast

  1. Hina Rizvi as Chatpati
  2. Ashraf Khan as Saahil’s Uncle
  3. Mariam Ansari as Udaas’s Friend
  4. Zara Gul as Shoq’s Wife
  5. Ghazala Javed as Sharmeeli’s Mother
  6. Adil Wadia as Sharmeeli’s Father
  7. Hunain Maniar as N/A
  8. Randy Kalsi as Randheer
  9. Danish Maqsood as Saahil’s Friend




+ Plot

Sahil doesn’t wants to be part of this mafia family business and distance himself as per the dying wishes of his beloved mother. During his struggle to find crime-free, happy life, Sahil falls in love with his nemesis Udaas’s sister, Muskarahat. Since Udaas has a secret of his own that only Sahil knows, the two make a deal by keeping their secrets hidden as long as it takes.




+ High Points

i – Some decent production design to look at. Scenes such as of mafia brothers posh life style, Sahil spending time with Muskarahat etc.

ii – Nice work behind the makeup & hair styling. Performers such as Sidra Batool, Mariam Ansari looked graceful on-screen.

iii – As for hot weather, the air conditioning of the cinema halls was working fine to get good resting.




+ Low Points

i – Unnecessary confusions are created by introducing too many sub plots from the very start of the film before even establishing the core story first. There was so much going on in the film that I really didn’t cared of who is who and what is what. All it mattered to me was when the film is going to end?

ii – Instead of good performance to watch, we have lots of over acting by almost everyone. It’s better to throw your money in garbage or spend it on food than to watch this trash film.

iii – There are so many characters who share the screen time that hardly anyone would leave a lasting strong impression for the audience to remember.

iv – As for weak writing, we have a supporting character in a comedy film with gay element, played by Bilal Yousufzai. It is the weak character I am pointing out here and not the actor’s performance. No cheap comedy is without such element.

v – Wow! We have four out of five item songs. Really shameful to see the usage of these cheap tactics to make your film ‘Entertaining’!

vi – Veteran actors such as Javed Sheikh and Ismail Tara appears as though they are now only interested in money and not to what kind of films they getting into. It is shocking to see great actors in such corny comedy films.




+ Overall

Halla Gulla desperately tries to make the audience laugh, but falls flat on its face.



Rate: 0.50 out of 5 stars


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