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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Hotline’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama Short Film, ‘Hotline’ (2017). The Assistant Directors are Hamza Nadir & Uzair Ali while it’s Production Manager and Score composer is Kamran Khan.



+ Crew

  • Coloring, Edited, Sound Mixing, Written, Directed & Produced by Ahmer Qureshi
  • Cinematography by Jawad Mangi
  • Costumes Designed by Sehrish Baseem
  • Production Design by Aqib Jafry
  • Score ‘Wajd’ is co-composed by Murad Ansari & Saad Ansari



+ Note

Hotline is a thesis film submitted by SZABIST students. It is about the emptiness of the two married couple lives.

The director, Ahmer Qureshi is a talented cinematographer himself yet he assigned Jawad Mangi to do this film’s direction of photography.



+ Full Cast

  1. Bilal Yousufzai as Husband
  2. Syed Frozan Mustafa as Wife
  3. Faiz M. Qazi as Co-worker #1
  4. Alizar Hussani as Co-worker #2
  5. Bisma Khan as Neighbor
  6. Sohail Khan as Boss



+ Plot

After some time of married life, the couple is suffering from a good social life and has been unable to fulfill their dreams. In a time like this, someone recommends to use the ‘Hotline’.



+ High Points
i – Ahmer Qureshi has played with the colors to make it a very memorable visualization film. It reminded me of the fame sci-fi Hollywood film ‘Blade Runner’ (1984).

ii – The cinematography and its lighting has done a wonderful job in its collaboration.

iii – Bilal Yousufzai has performed very well as job struggling, a husband who is lacking greatly in communicating with his wife. Other Honorable Mentions: Frozan Mustafa.

iv – The story makes the short film interesting and compelling to watch.


+ Low Points
i – Even if Bisma is a non-professional actress, her acting skills still needs improvement.

ii – There was a serious absence and in need of strong supporting role.


+ Overall
Visually dazzling & satisfying storytelling, Hotline is an impressive effort on its level of film making.



Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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