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Mr. Khan’s Review on Mureed-e-Shak (2019)

A review on Pakistani Drama theatre play, Mureed-e-Shak (2019). This play was performed at NAPA International Theatre Festival 2019.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Zia Mohiuddin
  • Written (Adapted) by Agha Hasher
  • Costume Designing by Uzma Sabeen & Syeda Maha Ali
  • Production Design by Anjum Ayaz
  • Produced by NAPA


+ Note

Mureed-e-Shak is an adapted play of The Winter’s Tale, originally written by William Shakespeare in 1623. It is a tale of romantic improbability.

Respected Zia Mohiuddin’s long career spans acting, directing, writing, broadcasting and a wide range of aesthetic disciplines. He has made many memorable stage appearances in London, NYC in classic and contemporary works.

+ Main Cast

  1. Naveed Kamal as Sikandar Jaa
  2. Fajr Sheikh as Husun Ara / Gulnar
  3. Samhan Ghazi as Humayun
  4. Safia Zahir Ali as Hameed Bano
  5. Rahil Siddiqui as Feroz
  6. Salman Ahmed as Koshish
  7. M. Muntazir as Tufaan
  8. Faizan Chawla as Wazeer
  9. Shumaila Taj as Husna




+ Supporting Cast

  1. Ansar Mahar as Arz Beni
  2. Zohair Zubair as Safeer
  3. Asfand Yar as Dhroga
  4. Abdul Hafeez as Pharu Singh
  5. Ahad Taqueer as Pandit
  6. Malik Farhan Aziz as Rama
  7. Saim as Khursheed
  8. Hussain Raza as Barati #1
  9. Qasim Shah as Barati #2




+ Plot
The king, Sikandar Jaa believes that his queen has committed adultery with his friend, Humayun. He then casts off his wife with her newly born daughter to the wild to their doom.

+ High Points
i – A decent direction by respected Zia Mohiuddin. Although, I must confess that I am not a big fan of this play written by the legendary author. But this play had its moments to go with the flow.

ii – The costume designing were suitable, appropriate to the characters.

iii – Naveed Kamal gives a satisfying performance as suspicious king, Sikandar Jaa. His character had given him opportunity to show his good and bad side of nature. Other Honorable Mentions: Samhan Ghazi, Safia Zahir Ali and Abdul Hafeez.

iv – The play’s original humor was used wisely in its interpretation by the adaptation writer and director.

v – Good effort behind the makeup & hair styling. The performers seemed glamour on stage.


+ Low Points
i – Either the play was too long (according to the main plot) or too slow for me to fall asleep during the mid act.

ii – I am… disappointed to see a mediocre production design in this play. It was not in the standard of Zia Mohiuddin’s play.

iii – Although the play had many characters, only couple of them were interestingly adapted.

iv – There were some issues in handling the lighting.


+ Overall

Zia Mohiuddin’s Mureed-e-Shak is a better, if not a great adaptation of Shakespeare’s play. Yet, the cast’s ‘so-so’ performances, dull set design and snail’s pace storytelling would be best suggested to be left forgotten.

Rate: 2.25 out of 5 stars

2 thoughts on “Mr. Khan’s Review on Mureed-e-Shak (2019)”

  1. Hi, I’m writing from India. Is there any way I can get the script of Mureed-e-Shak? I’m a researcher working on Agha Hashr Saab’s plays.


    1. Dear Sarah,
      Thank you for your inquiry. I think the best person to contact to would be the NAPA admin or Uzma Sabeen, the costume designer of this play. She also happens to be the permanent faculty member of the premise. NAPA is where the place where this play was conducted at. I have their helpline number… +9221-35693701-03.

      Mr. Khan


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