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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Kings Without Thrones’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Documentary Short, ‘Kings Without Thrones’ (2017). The Score is composed by Adnan Dawood Khan.



+ Crew
I. Written, Directed & Produced by Alice Peter

II. Cinematography by Saad Yousuf Soomro & Umer Taimuri

III. Sound Mixing by Hussain Dhanani

IV. Editing by Arman Tejani

V. Executive Produced by Lucas Peter



+ Note

Kings without Thrones is a thesis short documentary film produced by SZABIST students. This film is based on Sheedi aka Makrani. It is an important documentary based on a group of people who are often ignored by their locals.

The facts to this film are provided by ‘Minority Rights Group International Periodic Reports’ and ‘Young Sheedi Welfare Organization’.



+ Interviews:

  1. Faiz Muhammad Bilali
  2. Samina Haider
  3. Salim
  4. Munir Sheedi
  5. Alishba Aziz Qambrani
  6. Abdul Aziz Sheedi
  7. Tanzila Ume Habiba



+ Plot

Sheedi are a group of people, label of an ethnic minority in Pakistan that has overtime transformed into the cultural equivalent of the terms by racist remarks as, ‘Black, Niger or Negro’.



+ High Points
i – Praiseworthy cinematography handled by the duo, who have made this short documentary very pleasant to watch.
ii – I have watched many short documentaries, professional or submitted by students. Alice Peter’s direction has made this documentary, an interesting one.

iii – The production design is carefully managed which helps in improvising its scenic designs.

iv – A different but important subject to highlight where we are shown a brief insight, of Sheedi’s cultures, values and history.


+ Low Points
i – This film needs to be made as documentary feature, to exploit more on this subject in able to create more awareness.


+ Overall
As short documentary, Kings without Thrones is a good start but it is appropriate for a feature length.



Rate: 3.25 out of 5 stars


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