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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Golimaar’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Action-Thriller short film, ‘Golimaar’ (2017). The Associate Director is Akber Ladhani while its Executive Producer is Nooruddin Jalal.



+ Crew
I. Written & Directed by Inzamam Jalal

II. Cinematography by Jamil Alvi

III. Score by Amir Barolia

IV. Editing & Sound Mixing by Affan Ahmed Khan

V. Makeup & Hair Styling by Pervaz Iqbal



+ Note

Golimaar is a thesis film for SZABIST. This film’s Colorist, VFX Artist & Title Designer is Hassan Dar. The Assistant Directors are Sumair Shamsi and Mehsum Bin Tahir while the Co-Sound Mixer is Hasan Mujtaba. The Weapon Supervising is also done by Affan Ahmed Khan.

We have a number of talented veteran and other good stars from NAPA such as Syed Meesam Naqvi, Kulsoom Aftab, Amir Naqvi and Kaleem Ghouri. Inclusion of the lead star, Ein Ray Gumnaam from a short film ‘Mirror of a Mad Man’ (2016) and the director himself, Inzamam Jalal have played a role as well.



+ Full Cast

  1. Syed Meesam Naqvi as Shah Ji
  2. Amir Naqvi as Rashid Bhai
  3. Kulsoom Aftab as Bano
  4. Alina Chaudhry as Rashida Begum
  5. Asim as Babu
  6. Adnan as Baba
  7. Ayaz as Chiku
  8. Ahad as Goli
  9. Haadi as Chotu
  10. Saleem as Kallu Technician
  11. Kaleem Ghouri as Neighbor’s Guest
  12. Sam as Dabbu Player #1
  13. Ein Ray Gumnaam as Heronchi #1
  14. Inzamam Jalal as Dabbu Player #2 (Red T-Shirt)
  15. Bali as Heronchi #2




+ Plot

A mere glimpse, towards a gun inspired area where a lower middle class society resides in…



+ High Points
i – Magnificent direction by Inzamam who has able to bring this story into a remarkable short film based on a society of gun loving madness.

ii – This film’s spectacular cinematography is shot by none other than Jamil Alvi. Even his own films’ cinematography is so visually beautiful to confirm that this is truly is one of his best works to date. With a talented cinematographer, we have Inzamam Jalal and Affan Ahmed Khan in his assistance, working behind as a second unit who gave a, propound collaborated effort for this realistic environment short film.

iii – A thoroughly good script brings out a interesting film to show. Inzamam is not only an amazing director but also a very talented writer and a cinematographer too.

iv – Syed Meesam Naqvi plays role of Shah Ji, a quick temper father who has some respect and importance within the society he lives in. Meesam is already a well known name at NAPA as well as in the theatre world. He is one of those star performers, who should not be taken lightly.

v – Alina Chaudhry as Rashida Begum, is a first performance for me to witness and has able to bring viewers’ attention to herself through her dynamic acting. Other Honorable Mentions: Ayaz, Ahad and Asim.

vi – The symbolic meaning behind the signs shown in the film would make you watch it again.

vii – Effective work behind its editing, it’s interesting how the scenes are handled back n forth.

viii – The performances by everyone is one of the key reasons to why people would tend to watch this film.

ix – The combination of its production design as well as the locations has able to bring a suitable look for the film’s atmosphere.

x – The costumes designing did a marvelous work for the characters that were portrayed.


+ Low Points
i – This film is suitable for specify target audience only.



+ Overall
Golimaar is an insight towards the growing trend of ‘Gun Culture’ in those societies who proudly consider themselves as to be a part of greater good, but actually is a means of an outcome to self-destruction.



Rate: 4.75 out of 5 stars

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