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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Shaam Dhaley’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Serial, ‘Shaam Dhaley’ (2016) aka [Late Evening]. Its Production House is A & B Productions while its Distributor is Geo Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Nadia Afgan
  • Cinematography by Khizer Idress
  • Written by Shumaila Zaidi and Abeer Mahar
  • Music by Faraz Butt
  • Created & Produced by Babar Javed



+ Note
Shaam Dhaley aired on Geo Entertainment from 24th Apr 2016 – 03rd Sep 2016. It consists of total 22 episodes. Nadia Afgan is the director as well as did a small supporting role of a lawyer of Alina.

+ Main Cast
1) Marjan Fatima as Alina

2) Wajiha Khan Durani as Mariam

3) Mehreen Bari as Shanzay

4) Fiza Ali as Saima

5) Haris Waheed as Faizan


+ Supportive Cast
6) Aqeel Nasir Khan as Majid

7) Shah Fahad as Adil

8) Parveen Malik as Sultana (Ammi)

9) Usman Peerzada as Daud (Abu)

10) Taimoor Khan as Khizer



+ Plot
Alina is the eldest daughter of the other two siblings with no brothers. After the sudden death of her father, she has to deal with harsh reality of the society and to manage her family in such crisis. One day, she meets a step brother whom her family never knew.

+ High Points

i – Haris Waheed as Faizan performed superbly. I was taken aback by his performance due to the fact that have not seen him in many TV serials or heard of him as such. He acted very maturely and sensibly in Shaam Dhaley. After watching his performance, I come to realize that the team behind TV drama serial Maan Maayal had wasted his talent completely by giving such a minor role. Haris Waheed is a very talented actor where he should be given really good opportunities in the market.

ii – Marjan Fatima as Alina performed very sound and was pleased to see her in lead role. Her character is very well written and she did the job up to the mark. Other Honorable Mentions: Shah Fahad and Fiza Ali.

iii – The main ingredient to make this TV drama serial into a memorable one is that its screenplay is magnificently written. I am really amazed by the writers’ craft and the quality of dialogues was given to the performers.

iv – The plot is interesting to watch where the protagonist belongs to high class social status and needs to face such difficult crisis where the fate has some special plans for her and her family. The story progresses with every new episode while the interest level of the viewers had increased parallel side by side. The character shift of almost every main & supporting star has been splendidly done.

v – An interesting and enigmatic character of ‘Majid’ was written. He was a neutral character, something rare for the viewers. Aqeel Nasir Khan played his part brilliantly and perhaps is always known as Majid (iconic character) to the viewers.

vi The shocking element in last few episodes, of who actually expires instead was a good move.



+ Low Points
i – As the story slowly unfolds, it’s possible that the viewers might lose their interest and switch to some other TV drama.

ii – The harassment of Alina by Majid in office premises is only stopped by Alina’s immediate boss while the other office colleagues or visitors just completely ignore what is happening in front of them.

iii – The finale was good though but not great as one expected it to be. It falls short of the expectations.


+ Overall
Although Shaam Dhaley is executed very nicely and the performance by the cast is stunning, but what actually stands out the most is the fascinating screenplay written by Shumaila Zaidi and Abeer Mahar.

Rate: 3.25 out of 5 stars

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