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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Unlived – Eik Adhura Khwab’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Short Film, ‘Unlived – Eik Adhura Khwab’ (2017). The Production Manager is Yasir Shah while its Asst. Director is Zeenat Ul Ain.



+ Crew
I. Directed by Natasha Baig

II. Cinematography by Khayyam Baig

III. Production Designed by Nashra Pir

IV. Music & Score by Sameer Baig & Absar Khan

V. Produced by Hassan Ali Effendi



+ Note

Unlived – Eik Adhura Khwab is a student thesis film for SZABIST.



+ Full Cast

  1. Dania Anwer as Meher
  2. Azlan Shah as Shahmir
  3. Maryam Suleman as Eesha
  4. Rukaiya Siddiqqui as Daadi
  5. Faheem Begum as Meher’s Mother
  6. Rida Khan as Shahmir’s Girlfriend



+ Plot

Meher is an introvert with almost no close friend to her. She lives with her mother, daadi in a small house and often dreams Shahmir to fall in love with her.



+ High Points
i – This short film is interesting enough to watch mainly because of a different, compelling story; especially how it unfolds once it starts to progress.
ii – Natasha Baig has able to pull this through with interesting direction to this mysterious character’s journey.
iii – A very acceptable performances by everyone in the cast.


+ Low Points
i – Although, it was satisfactory; yet the screenplay needs improvement.
ii – The twist ending may shock some but it was predictable.
iii – The inclusion of subplots are essential for better storytelling. Though, it’s your choice if want to put it in a short film or not.




+ Overall
Unlived – Eik Adhura Khwab, director’s imaginative world of fantasy, has an appealing taste of dark message.



Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars

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