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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Sifar Ki Taraf’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Drama theatre play, ‘Sifar Ki Taraf’ (2017). Its Asst. Directed by Kulsoom A. Khan while its Sound Mixer & Score is managed by Ashraf Bhatti.



+ Crew

  • Costume Designed, Production Designed & Directed by Anjum Ayaz
  • Written by Iqbal Nazar
  • Lights & Back Stage by Uzma Sabeen
  • Makeup & Hairstyling by Kamal Uddin Ahmed
  • Produced by NRT



+ Note
Sifar Ki Taraf is an original play. Since the performances have been at its best by the entire cast therefore, I would be discussing those performances only whose roles were the most interesting or those who have improved a lot.

+ Full Cast:

  1. Haris Khan as Shareef
  2. Irma Ali as Nasreen
  3. Nazar-ul-Hassan as Shamso
  4. Meesam Naqvi as Bedil
  5. Fajir Sheikh as Niyazan
  6. Faraz Ali as Deeda
  7. Umair Rafiq as Billa
  8. Vajdaan Shah as Vajdaan
  9. Shabana Hassan as Pagli
  10. Naveed Kamal as Niyazi
  11. Kulsoom Aftab Khan as Shamso’s Wife / Nasreen’s Mom (voice cameos)
  12. Ashoq Kushik as Gali ka Bacha




+ Plot
In a busy neighborhood, every civilian is facing problems either financially, socially or psychologically. Even at such circumstances, they try to live as best as they can.


+ High Points
i – The main ingredient to this play’s success is its direction by respected Anjum Ayaz. His previous work, ‘Qissa Sootay Jaagtay Ka’ (2016) was also a very interesting, well directed play.

ii – Iqbal Nazar did an outstanding job when it comes to writing that is story telling. I don’t think I have watched his other works on-stage before but definitely looking forward to it.

iii – No, I didn’t see that ‘Twist’ coming. — sheesh… a really ‘Haunting’ one I must say.
iv – Hands down, Faraz Ali performed the most spontaneous, clearly superseded others by playing his character at its best. He is one of those rare actors, who have able to climb the steps of being a professional actor very quickly. No one in the audience or performers alike would be able to contradict with this fact. He has already amazed audience several times due to his great performances and is very likely to become a veteran actor soon in the media world.

v – Not only Fajir Sheikh performed really well… this is also her best performance till date.

vi – ‘A’ graded set designed / constructed nicely.

vii – The makeup by Kamal Uddin Ahmed is so great that such NAPA beauties like Fajir Sheikh and Shabana Hassan were unrecognizable in their getup and makeover. Even a great actor such as Faraz Ali was hard to identify.

viii – Meesam Naqvi should do more theatre performances as he is such a wonderful performer.

ix – Naveed Kamal is NAPA’s one of the most under rated actors. Mostly he is given a supporting role, whereas has the ability to do ‘Magical’ performance on-stage.

x – Pleased to see Irma Ali’s improvement. With passage of time, take challenging and different roles.


+ Low Points


+ Overall
What a treat it is to see a list of well-known performers team-up with a great director in Sifar Ki Taraf.

Rate: 5 out of 5 stars


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