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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Bye Mistake’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani Comic theatre play, ‘Bye Mistake’ (2016). The Production Assistant is Muhammad Essa while Production Manager is Munira Abbas Ali.


+ Crew

  • Directed by Masood-ur-Rehman
  • Sound Designed by Ashraf Bhatti
  • Asst. Directed by Syeda Maha Ali




+ Note

Its director, Masood-ur-Rehman has directed two plays before this and acted in number of NAPA plays such as Mantorama, Marat Sade, Anjame Mohabbat and Shakuntala.



+ Full Cast:

1) Farhan Alam as Sultan Firdous / Gangster #1

2) Syed Muhammad Jamil as Saleem Khaadi / Gangster #2

3) Hammad Khan as Fawad Ahmed / Gangster #3

4) Kashif Hussain as Major Mastan

5) Shumaila Taj as Nimra Mastan / Mastan’s wife

6) Syeda Maha Ali as Zoya / Nimra’s sister

7) Muzaina Malik as Mrs. Fazeela Badruddin aka Mrs. FB

8) Hajra Yamin as Tina / Mrs. FB’s daughter

9) Aqeel Ahmed as Mr. Kaleem Baig

10) Saeeda Mazhar as Malaika Baig / Kaleem’s daughter




+ Plot

With the help of Sultan & Fawad, Saleem Khaadi is escaped and bought back freely from prison in order to tell the hideout of the loot that he had stolen with his former partner and hide it somewhere in this hotel. But soon, they realize that this is the wrong Khaadi they are with, who have no idea where the stash is? Meanwhile, there are few wacky guests that they need to be careful.



+ High Points

i – Astonishing performance by Syed Muhammad Jamil as Saleem Khaadi. He was one of the main ingredients to why this play was really a comical one to watch.

ii – Farhan Alam as Sultan Firdous played the main supporting role terrifically. He seems to do farce comedy really well on-stage. Other Honorable Mentions: Hammad Khan and Kashif Hussain.

iii – The screenplay was hilariously written and it strongly supports the actors to execute well in front of live audience.

iv – The art direction of the stage and the costumes were both handled carefully.




+ Low Points

i – Rather being incredible funny or have creative good punch lines, it was mostly mild humorous.

ii – The characters of Nimra and Zoya were very weak and questionable on their existence.

iii – Never saw the use of a cupboard that much with such a vast capacity to fill several people in (knowingly that it leads to another room inside).




+ Overall

Bye Mistake‘s cast of comedy vets is very suitable, who uplifted it with worthy performances and good direction.



Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars



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