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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Phir Aap’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Comedy Short Film, ‘Phir Aap’ (2017). The Assistant Directors are Saad Baloch and Agha Ahad Husain while it’s Digital Colorist by Ashar Khalid.



+ Crew
I. Directed, Written & Production Design by Shayan Shahid

II. Cinematography by Raafay Israr

III. Makeup & Hairstyling by Huma

IV. Editing, Animation & Sound Mixing by Mustafa Jalali

V. Co-Sound Mixing by Shaima Wajab and Hasan Mujtabah Jafri.



+ Note

Phir Aap‘s cinematographer, Raafay Israr happens to be also the lead vocalist of his music band ‘The Evolution’.

There is a cameo by Agha Ahad Husain. The two main characters are real-life married couple.



+ Full Cast
1. Marya Saad as Maria / Raana / Bano
2. Saad Zameer Fareedi as Usman



+ Plot

Usman meets Maria on a blind date and falls in love at first sight. However, Maira’s ‘sisters’ are the ones who he should be concerned of before meeting her.



+ High Points
i – A wonderful performance by Marya Saad in multiple roles. The performances by the duo, makes the film more exciting. Other Honorable Mentions: Saad Fareedi

ii – The production design is well lit and colorful, just like the film is.

iii – The plot is comic, filled with fun.

iv – The costumes design is good, suited with the characters.

v – The illustration & animation is nicely done; an extra effort is put in.


+ Low Points
i – The time length was short for such a light comedy film.

ii – Although it is a different idea but cannot say that it is something new to watch.



+ Overall
Phir Aap is a light rom-com with its attributes of being a film to remember.



Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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