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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Wajood’ (2018)

A review on Pakistani Rom-Thriller Feature Length Film, ‘Wajood’ (2018). The Production House is Jawed Sheikh Films While Its Distributors are Saga-Hits and Geo Films. Its Music is composed by Sahir Ali Bagga.



+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Javed Sheikh
  • Co-Written by Baber Kashmiri
  • Cinematography by Kelvin Keehde and Asif Khan
  • Edited by Asad Zaidi
  • Produced by Momal Sheikh and Shehzad Sheikh



+ Note

Wajood is a comeback directorial film by Javed Sheikh. The previous film directed by him was Khulay Asmaan Kay Neechay (2008).The film was released on Eid ul-Fitr. Principal photography was shot most of it in Pakistan and Turkey while some parts of Greece.



+ Main Cast

  1. Danish Taimoor as Faizan
  2. Saeeda Imtiaz as Arzoo
  3. Aditi Singh as Jessica
  4. Javed Sheikh as Detective Steve Rock
  5. Ali Saleem as Q / Arzoo’s Friend
  6. Asad Mehmood as Faizan’s Friend




+ Supporting Cast

  1. Faiza Khan as Faizan’s Friend Fiancee
  2. Nadeem Baig as Arzoo’s Father
  3. Shaheen Khan as Arzoo’s Mother
  4. Shahid Hameed as Faizan’s Father
  5. Frieha Altaf as Faizan’s Mother



+ Plot

Faizan is a handsome pilot of a private jet. He falls in love with Arzoo at first sight and would do anything to win her heart. Then there’s Jessica, who has an obsession to have Imran all to herself by any means necessary.



+ High Points

i – The lead star, Danish Taimoor as Faizan has given a satisfying performance to the audience and critics alike. His scenes were entertaining. Other Honorable Mentions: Ali Saleem and Saeeda Imtiaz.

ii The direction of photography has been done a beautiful job.

iii – The comic relief character of Q played by Ali Saleem was funny at times and did its job well as per the writer’s expectations.

iv – The songs, most of them are pleasant to listen to.

v – The locations of the shoot, especially of the songs were ‘Eye Candy’ to watch.



+ Low Points

i – The second half of the film is dull and pointless! Yes, I can understand that the writer wanted a thriller element after the interval but why? Why can’t we made this film and enjoyable as the first half? And even if you wanted this film to have thriller then be sure that you have something really interesting to tell and show. But what we ended up was with a love sick attractive girl, Jessica who seemed like a character taken from another genre film who clearly didn’t fit with this one.

ii – Weak supporting characters were written, they hardly made any impression to the audience.

iii – This film is a combination of Lollywood-Bollywood style film. Perhaps this is what Danish Taimoor wants to be recognized by as he wants to differentiate himself than all other lead actors; but would this kind of film style be helpful to our Pakistani Film Industry Revival to grow? Mehrunisa V Lub U (2017) is a good example for a successful film whereas most of them including Chan Aye Na (2017) by Syed Noor were not appreciated.



+ Overall

Wajood is a cheap rip-off from any low budget thriller film where its second half is a complete snoozer.


Rate: 2.0 out of 5 stars

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