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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Waada’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Serial ‘Waada’ (2017), aka [Promise]. The Production House is Big Bang Entertainment.



+ Crew
I. Directed by Syed Atif Hussain
II. Written by Samina Ejaz
III. Produced by Fahad Mustafa and Dr. Ali Kazmi
IV. Title Song by Falak Shabir



+ Note
The drama serial ‘Waada’ aired on ARY Digital from 8th Nov 2016 – 12th Apr 2017. It consists of total 23 episodes.



+ Main Cast

  1. Faisal Qureshi as Shahab
  2. Shaista Lodhi as Sumaira
  3. Saboor Ali as Jaana
  4. Ghazala Butt as Jaana’s Mom




+ Supportive Cast

  1. Hassan Ahmed as Arif
  2. Amir Qureshi as Uzair
  3. Anam Tanveer as Nuzhat
  4. Srha Asghar as Uzma



+ Plot

Jaana is the new maid (former maid’s daughter) who wins most of the household member’s hearts and gains their trust. Unknown to others, Jaana hunts for her next victim to fulfill her life with her unlimited wishes and turns to Shahab, married man (with a young daughter) and only son of this wealthy family. Nothing remains the same when she is able to marry him secretly.



+ High Points
i – Ghazala Butt performance was best and most convincingly of the lot in as the antagonist’s supportive role. She performed her role very smoothly and easily. Other Honorable Mentions: Rest of the cast.

ii – All performances were respectable mainly due to having a good director.

iii – Effective writing skills which made this drama intriguing, out of a simple story.

iv – Great direction made this TV drama series even more exciting to watch.

v – Although viewers wanted to see the outcome of Jaana’s mother as well plus more than a decade is really long time to forgive. Still I believe it was generally a satisfying finale.
vi – The title song by Falak Shabir was very pleasant song to listen.



+ Low Points

i – Shaista Lodhi clearly looked elder to Faisal Qureshi.

ii – Artificial lighting is used to leverage or to show the day / moon light in a video. Unfortunately, here the yellow gel lighting did not convinced viewers of being the ‘Real’ daylight.

iii – Though Ms. Noshaba Javed as Khala performed really well and her character was written as one of the most interesting ones but her getup / makeup made her face seemed as if someone had beat her up very badly and was disturbing. Similarly Shaista Lodhi’s poor makeover i.e. of having extra thick eyebrows and her terrible liposuction made her repulsive to look at.

iv – Subplots were either given no importance or were uninteresting to watch.


+ Overall
With likable leads and worthy direction, Waada offers a detail perspective on different social class themes, self-centered needs and betrayal with inevitable dreadful outcome.


Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars


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