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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Aadha Kaar’ (2011)

A review on Pakistani TV Sitcom, ‘Aadha Kaar’ (2011) aka as ‘Profession’. It’s Production and Distribution is done by A-Plus Entertainment. The Production Designer is Afsheen Ali while its Makeup & Hairstylist is Adeel Bunty.



+ Crew

  • Directed by M. Usman Zulfiqar Ali
  • Written by Gul-e-Nokhaiz Akhter
  • Director of Photography by Khalid Mehmood
  • Edited by Zeeshan Jamil
  • Produced by Zahid Mian



+ Note
This sitcom Aadha Kaar aired on A-Plus Entertainment which ran from Jan 2011 – ? It consists of total 37 episodes.

This drama is about students belonging to different professions, such as doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, a station master, a female boutique owner and last but not the least a happy-go-lucky daughter of a big shot. Each episode opens with the Professor delivering, or trying to deliver, a new lecture on the art of acting. The overly zealous, wanna-be superstars are just too keen to follow what the teacher is trying to teach them. So, they make a mess of his efforts, through their ‘innovative approach’ towards performing arts, or learning the same.

As if the class is not just enough to make the professor’s life miserable, the principal cannot help making some advances every now and then with him. In resisting her, the Professor is always on the defensive.

This sitcom is inspired by Zabaan Sambhalke (1993 – 1996) which is an Indian sitcom and was also inspired by another Indian sitcom Dekh Bhai Dekh (1993 – 1994). However all these sitcoms where inspired by the original source, a British sitcom; Mind Your Language (1977). Even a Malaysian version sitcom has released as Oh My English (2012).



+ Full Cast

  1. Sohail Ahmad as Professor
  2. Hina Rizvi as Madam Mona / Principal
  3. Amanat Chan
  4. Nawaz Anjum
  5. Zafari Khan
  6. Iftikhar Thakur
  7. Janan Malik
  8. Sardar Kamal
  9. Mazhaer Ali Khan
  10. Hassan Murad
  11. Akram Udaas
  12. Abida Shaheen
  13. Ainee Tahir
  14. Mahnoor
  15. Gul Zaib



+ Plot

It is about an acting school where a ‘Committed’ professor is trying to teach acting to a group of ‘Over-talented’ students comprising of different professions or belonging to different social classes. And then there is ‘Madam Mona’, the principal of this ‘Esteemed’ institution with a crush on the Professor who does his level best in avoiding her.


+ High Points

i – …nothing comes to my mind.



+ Low Points

i – Many different characters with many different personalities but hardly anyone memorable.

ii – Some random jokes may turn out to be good enough for you to response with just a smile. However, many of those humorous punchlines are second-rate.

iii – The class room looks clearly like artificial back-set instead of real deal.

iv – Failed to capture audience attention towards this TV series.



+ Overall
Aadha Kaar tries hard to make funny, watchable TV series but falls flat on its face.



Rate: 0 out of 5 stars


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