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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Aliya’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama Short Film, ‘Aliya’ (2017).



+ Crew
I. Directed, Edited & Written by Fahad Alvi.
II. Cinematography by Mariam Desai & Umer Taimuri.
III. Asst Directed & Sound Mixing by Salman Khan



+ Note

Aliya is based on ‘Down Syndrome’ (genetic disorder) patient who happens be the child of the film couple.



+ Full Cast
1) Farah Vohra as Aliya

2) Kulsoom Aftab Khan as Fatima

3) Farhan Alam as Aslam

4) Junaid Saleem as Inspector

5) Ishtiaq as Omer



+ Plot

The married couple life is disturbed mainly due to their genetic disorder daughter, Aliya.



+ High Points
i – Farhan Alam plays a confused, troubled parent over his daughter (down syndrome) has performed convincingly. Other Honorable Mentions: Kulsoom Aftab.

ii – The direction is good, makes the film interesting.

iii – How the story takes the film and the way it is executed is appreciated by the audience.


+ Low Points
i – Everything else technically is average.

ii – The problems a genetic disorder patient needs to face especially by the parents and how to cope up with, was not shown in detail.


+ Overall
Aliya is definitely a work of art, mise-en-scène, which should not be missed in a lifetime!



Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars

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