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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ (2018)

A review on Pakistani Fantasy-Drama Feature Length Film, ‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ aka Love in 7 Days (2018). The Production Houses are Dawn Films and IMGC Global Entertainment While its Distributors are Distribution Club and B4U Motion Pictures.


+ Crew

  • Directed by Meenu Gaur & Farjad Nabi (Matteela Films)
  • Written by Fasih Bari Khan
  • Cinematography by Rana Kamran
  • Edited by Rizwan A.Q
  • Music by Arshad Mehmood, Shuja Haider and Shani Arshad


+ Note

7 Din Mohabbat In is about a young man on a quest to find his true love in a crowded Karachi neighborhood. There he must overcome the obstacles, both spiritual and physical, to achieve his goals. The shoots were filmed in Karachi. Rimal Ali is a Pakistani transgender model and has done an item number in this film.

The song “Yunhi Rastay Mai” lyrics are written by Piyush Mishra while its music is composed by Shuja Haider and sung by Ali Sethi and Aima Baig.


+ Main Cast

  1. Sheheryar Munawar as Tipu
  2. Mahira Khan as Neeli
  3. Javed Sheikh as Dwarka Prasad
  4. Amna Ilyas as Ghazala
  5. Mira Sethi as Princess Sonu




+ Supporting Cast

  1. Hina Dilpazeer as Tipu’s Mother
  2. Aamir Qureshi as Naseer Kankatta
  3. Adnan Shah Tipu as Burger Wadera
  4. Beo Rana Zafar as Pino
  5. Danish Maqsood as Tingu Master




+ Minor Cast

  1. Fareeha Jabeen as Women’s Rights Co-leader
  2. Salahuddin Tunio as Mob Boss
  3. Rimal Ali as Club Dancer
  4. Ayesha Omer as Girl at Cafe (Cameo)
  5. Imran Aslam as Goon


 + Plot

Tipu has accepted a challenge to find his true love in seven days and become a womanizer before he has to live his life as a slave to an evil jinn’s world for all eternity.



+ High Points

i – Mahira Khan plays as Neeli, a shy relative, childhood friend who is in love with Tipu and wants his attention on her at all times. We as audience and critics know how well Mahira performs and expect a great performance from her at least. She yet again wins audience hearts with her cute, innocent lovable character.

ii Beo Rana Zafar as Pino performed well once more on big screen. Though her role was small but made the audiences’ laugh. Her previous praise worthy performance was in Cake (2018), in the role of a mother. Other Honorable Mentions: Amna Ilyas, Javed Sheikh, Aamir Qureshi and Danish Maqsood.

iii – Song, Yunhi Rastay Mai is the only one I enjoyed listening to.

iv – Visual effect department did an amazing work, made the scenes of jinn believable.

v – The direction of photography is beautifully shot, as expected from Rana sb. The lighting and its colors did a swell job, in giving us a visual treat.

vi – Production design and sets were of high quality.




+ Low Points

i – It is far worse than any super natural fantasy comic film you could come up with. It means that you should avoid it watching at all cost. Anyone with right mind would never consider watching this crap especially at big screen.

ii – The character transformation from zero to hero by just changing clothes and hairstyle. The sympathizers may disagree and argue that Tipu was gradually changing with time but that was not the case. He suddenly has ‘Balls of Steel’ while facing jinn inside his world. What I didn’t understand of this scene particularly is that, jinn lives inside the bottle and when Tipu face him inside the bottle (somehow), he has the same bottle in his hand too. Wha-? How is this possible? Maybe perhaps this is a Buffoonish comedy where logic doesn’t matter? Or maybe this is one of his (unlimited) dreams shown in the film.

iii – The film dragged so much that many times I gave serious thought to leave the cinema hall but the only reason I stayed behind was that I may not be able to give right review by watching incomplete picture.

iv – Being comic in the start, the film turns out to be a very dramatic in the end.



+ Overall

7 Din Mohabbat In is a big budgeted, high star power trash film with mediocre story, lack of genuine jokes and an abomination to your tolerance level.



Rate: 2.0 out of 5 stars


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