Feature Length Films

Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘8969’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani feature length film, ‘8969’ (2016). The Production House is A J Media Productions and Distributed by Play Pictures.


+ Crew

  • Directed by Azeem Sajjad
  • Cinematography by Sabahat Qamar
  • Written by Azeem Sajjad
  • Music by Raheel Fayyaz
  • Edited by Salman Khan
  • Produced by AJ Khan



8969 claims that it is based on true events.


+ Main Cast

1) Azeem Sajjad as Detective #1

2) Hussain Tiwana as Detective #2

3) Sadaf Hamid as (Undisclosed)

4) Saba Qamar as Dancer

5) Ali Jabran Khan as (Undisclosed)



+ Plot

An unknown killer is on the loose who keeps murdering young females and leaves a trademark ‘8969’ written at the crime scene. In able to solve this tough murder case, two detectives (Azeem Sajjad & Hussain Tiwana) are assigned for this job.


+ High Points

i – Lead performances by Azeem Sajjad & Hussain Tiwana were so-so.

ii – One or two songs are average enough to listen to.


+ Low Points

i – Why is it so difficult for our film makers to make a movie in our demographics setting, show how our investigation dept. really works on a case rather than making a cheap rip off from Hollywood films?

ii – Acting by almost every actor here is trash.

iii – Even if this film is based on true events, yet the story was not intriguing to watch it easily.

iv – The antagonist has heavy muscular body but gets a good beating by an average man.

v – Please contact Saba Qamar for ‘Item Songs’. Acting is just part time for her.

vi – We have two detectives in the style of ‘Good Cop & Bad Cop’. The good cop is a bit non-serious personality while his scenes usually have one song keeps playing to remind us (as if we are interested) that he is the ‘Cool’ cop. The bad cop is sober, always very, very serious. In his scenes sad theme / song is played as he is still in love with his ex-girlfriend. — All this is so unnecessary to show but what the heck, right?



+ Overall

Another crappy thriller where the director should not even bother on what 8969 feedback really is. The audience would have more unpleasant time than being entertained.


Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


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