Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Vicky’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani TV film, ‘Vicky’ (2016); Associate Produced by Zoobia Anwar and Onaissa Rizwani.

+ Crew
I. Directed & Executive Produced by Taha Bin Karim
II. Cinematography by Shajee Hasan
III. Written by Ali Abbas Naqvi & Ziad Azad
IV. Music by Zahid Qureshi
V. Edited by Saad Abbas
VI. Produced by Shahriyar Ali Soomro


There are several minor supporting roles while some of them played by Zeeshan Haider (thesis advisor), Sameena Nazir and Aamir Naqvi. Its Assistant Directors are Zoobia Anwar, Ali Raza Soomro & Mustafain Haider while it’s Production Designer is Ali Raza Soomro.


+ Main Cast

  1. Nazr Ul Hasan as Yaqoob Sergeant
  2. Muhammad Ahsan as Vicky
  3. Shabana Hasan as Bela
  4. Shajee Hasan as Anjum
  5. Anas Yasin as Saim


+ Plot
It is about Vicky, a hot-headed young lad who is troubled by his poor relationship with his brother and due to lack of resources. The only thing he has with him is Bela, who is the light of his dull life. However nothing remains the same as Bela chooses a ‘Comfortable’ life over him.


+ High Points
i – Nazar-ul-Hasan played the role of Yaqoob very well. It terrified the audience with his devilish stare, his evil behavior with his ‘Loved Ones’ and use of his illegal authority during the day time as traffic police officer. Other Honorable Mentions: Muhammad Ahsan, Shajee Hasan and Shabana Hasan.

ii – The story was appealing to watch.

iii – The characters of Yaqoob and Vicky were well written.

iv – The art direction and locations were well chosen.

v – The cinematography especially of the bold scenes was executed cleverly.

vi – The screenplay is adequately written.

vii – The direction is above average.

viii – The ending has a good twist.



+ Low Points
i – Except for one character, there is absolutely no character shift of anyone else in the film.

ii – The clichés could had been avoided regarding Vicky and Bela’s romantic sea view scenes and Bela’s mom not listening to her daughter. This is an overused technique and shots that been taken by usually young, inexperienced film makers.

iii – Anjum’s character seemed very interesting. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of his character development.

iv – The suffering of the victim/s were rarely shown. Their continuous struggle would have made a great impact on the characters and viewers alike.

v – Yaqoob’s voice seemed unnatural to the character that Nazar-ul-Hasan played.

vi – It was shocking to see that how causally Vicky especially Bela took the fact that now since Vicky is here, she should apply some makeup or make tea before leaving the house of the RAPIST! WTH! Are you serious?

vii – Throughout the film, there were several shock treatments while many plot holes were left unanswered. Such as did the neighbors do something about of the Yaqoob’s activities? Were the Yaqoob’s activities happening inside his house were ever discovered? Did Bela’s parents ever found out of her condition in groom’s house? Did Vicky ever find good, steady life? Did Bela ever confront her ‘To Be’ husband? Did the police ever catch Vicky?

viii – Is it possible to someone to get married without even once checking out the groom’s home or do some research before giving away your daughter just like that to groom’s family? It’s not like the girl was disfigured nor had lack of wedding proposals? The certain time period which takes place between during the days of marriage but here everything happened so quickly, as if only needed approval for court marriage certificate.

ix – When Vicky is told from what address he could pick his bike from whose house, at that time he would surely know who Yaqoob really is. But no acknowledgement is shown on Vicky’s face. It means either Vicky already knew who Yaqoob is and this was a movie mistake or it was intentionally kept that way and let the ending reveal it on its own.



+ Overall
Finding the emotional story within the drama, director Taha Bin Karim, enigmatic Nazar-ul-Hasan and intriguing Muhammad Ahsan craft brings a satisfying bitter twist to Vicky.

Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars

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