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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Mirror of a Mad Man’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani Short Film, ‘Mirror of a Mad Man’ (2016). The Lighting was done by Haris Ahmed. This film is been nominated at these — & — festivals while won for best short film at IBOM.


+ Crew
I. Directed, Cinematography & Screenplay by Dostain Baloch.
II. Asst. Director & Sound Design by Junaid Brohi.
III. Produced & Written by EinRay Gumnam Huzefa.
IV. Art Direction by Samad Baloch.

V. Set Design by Bilal Baloch.


+ Note
The actor who played the role of Mad Man in real is a poet and a writer. This is his first film where he acted as well. The film budget was of PKR 4,000/- only. The location which was chose to shot is the beach of Balochistan. This film is similar to Inger Bergman and Fellini’s style of direction.


+ Cast
1) EinRay Gumnam Huzefa as Mad Man

+ Plot

Due to harsh environment and selfish needs of the society and the state, this man turns out to be the lone survivor of the war ridden home. After losing everyone who he ever knew and loved are long gone, perished by humanity’s dark side ugliness… he questions Earth, God and finally himself if the sanity ever existed in this evil cruel world?


+ High Points
i – EinRay Gumnam Huzefa is although a non-professional actor but performed very well in his debut film. His performance is one of the key reasons to why this film intriguing to watch.

ii – The location is well chosen for the Mad Man conversation with the Earth and God.

iii – The story is very effective in able to support its screenplay and logic shown behind the lead performer’s actions.

iv– The screenplay is well thought written.

v – One can watch the film with inverse view as to perhaps the Mad Man is actually the one who is sane while the world is insane and corrupt all along. This is reason why he tells the animals to stay away from humans or would be converted to likewise evil.

+ Low Points
i – The cinematography needs improvement for better visual story telling.

ii – It is not everyone’s cup of tea to watch or understand the film clearly.


+ Overall
This definitely a work of Art of Meson Sine which should not be missed.


Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


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