Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Haraami’ (2017)

A review on Pakistani Tele film, ‘Haraami’ (2017); Assistant Cinematography & Editing by Affan Ahmed Khan, Assistant Directed by Ahmer Hussain while its Production House is AAL Films.

+ Crew
I. Directed, Screenplay & Produced by Ali Akbar Ladhani
II. Cinematography by Inzamam Jalal
III. Co-Screenplay by Ahmer Hussain
IV. Production Design by Saad Abbas
V. Makeup & Costumes by Pervaiz Iqbal


The film is inspired by infamous English film ‘I Spit on Your Grave’ (1978) & remake in 2010. It is a rape & revenge exploitation-horror film, shot with shock treatment. There are several minor supporting roles including Rashid Farooqui, Akbar Islam, Sahrosh Baloch and Mahjabeen. Its Music Composer is Asif Noorani and its Sound Mixer is Zeeshan Ali.


+ Main Cast

  1. Ahmer Hussain as Sufian
  2. Nazar Ul Hasan as Ms. Shaukat
  3. Arshad Malik as Jamshed
  4. Aqeel Ahmed as Affan
  5. Adnan Anis as Fahad




+ Supporting Cast

  1. Kaleem Ghouri as Police Officer
  2. Naveed Mari as Police SHO
  3. Kulsoom Aftab as NGO Director
  4. Erum Bashir as Anum

+ Plot
Due to Sufian’s secret dark activity, his loved one has to pay the ultimate price for it.

+ High Points

i – Nazar-ul-Hasan played the role of transgender sex worker who played out very nicely. He was the key figure in this film. Other Honorable Mentions: Adnan Anis.
ii – Some of the visuals inserts regarding city’s scenery are well shot.

iii – The shock treatment used with Arshad Malik was very bold indeed.
iv – The art direction is satisfactory.


+ Low Points
i – Too many cast members hired from NAPA including its location been used did not gave a professional but rather a student film look.
ii – There was hardly any character development.
iii – The cinematography is disappointing.
iv – The story & screenplay is so-so written.
v – Nazar’s character seemed very interesting. Unfortunately, we didn’t see much of his character backstory either.
vi – The twists & turns were too predictable.

+ Overall
A glossy, tasteless revenge thriller that brings out fragile performances despite being boldly shot on a taboo subject.

Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars

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