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Mr. Khan’s Review on ‘Allah K Naam Pe’ (2016)

A review on Pakistani Short Film, ‘Allah K Naam Pe’ (2016); its Production House is Laal Series.


+ Crew:

  1. Directed by Natasha Beyg
  2. Written by Naeem Ud Din
  3. Director of Photography by Mariam Iqbal Desai
  4. Produced, Edited & Story by Hassan Ali Effendi


+ Note:

The concept behind this story is (yet again) not new but still uncommon. Some of the films are made in very similar or close to this concept. There is a fame Hollywood film of Al Pacino who used this concept too. I won’t name it otherwise it would ruin the film as STRONG Spoiler.

The name ‘Allah K Naam Pe’ is in Urdu language words, which means ‘In the Name of God’.


+ Main Cast:

1) Quaid Ahmed as ‘Shop Keeper’

2) N/A as ‘Beggar’

3) N/A as ‘Friend #1’

4) N/A as ‘Friend #2’


+ Plot:

It centers on a common shop keeper who gets very tormented by a beggar who on daily basis consistently begs him in the ‘Name’ of God. Every day the beggar begs to him and every day he scram him off. One day, the shop keeper asks the beggar causally to give him ‘Something’ instead in the Name of God. And from that moment on, the life of shop keeper completely changes.


+ High Points:

i – The lead actor Quaid Ahmed acted well in the film.

ii – The sound track is good to listen to that is Vocals by Ahsan Bari & Dreen Baloch and Music Direction by Ahsan Bari is promising.

iii – The direction is decently handled.

iv – The ending leads you to spellbinding.

v – Good thing is there were no blunders in editing this time.


+ Low Points:

i – The supportive cast members acting is quite weak. There were hardly any expressions on their faces for giving us (viewers) reaction to the action / want.

ii – The costume of the lead actor till the Act III still seemed new… more deterioration of his physical transformation was required.

iii – In the credits, we still see no characters’ names with actors’ names as who played what. Only the lead actor name is mentioned.

iv – Avoid general public eye contact / their smiling faces by either in the edit process or blurring their presence by focusing on your subject. In the background, in some scenes their smiley faces towards the lead actor did work as he remained in his character while in some scenes it did not… as the people in distance were looking towards the camera. It breaks the fourth wall.

v – The fast track of time passage is overly used by young film makers. Either do it with a different style or try avoiding it.

vi – The cinematography is mediocre. I would prefer something new and interesting to watch. Either change your DOP or upgrade your work.


+ Overall: Well, this film does have its merits towards positivism of film making. Do Learn from your mistakes and work on its improvisations for your upcoming future projects. Anyone who wants to learn sincerely would learn with time with their experiences. I believe that you would too.


Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars


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