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Mr. Khan’s Review on Ghalthi (2016)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Serial, Ghalthi (2016) aka Mistake. Its Production House is Cinematic Media Production while its Distributor is A-Plus TV.





+ Crew

  • Directed by Kaleem Rajput
  • Cinematography by Hassam Miraj and Adnan Khalid
  • Written by Iftekhar Ahmed Usmani
  • Composed by Wajid Saeed
  • Produced by Naveed Arshad & Musharaf Jaffery




+ Note
Ghalthi aired on A-Plus TV from 14th Jul 2016 – 07th Oct 2016. It consists of total 26 episodes. This serial was so popular that it used to air on A Plus twice in a week. Its opening theme by “Mery Mola Kia Meri Khatain Hian” is sung by Bushra Bilal.



+ Main Cast
1) Agha Ali as Saim
2) Sidra Batool as Saman
3) Sania Shamshad as Zara
4) Abid Ali as Ikhlaque Ahmed


+ Supportive Cast
5) Sajida Syed

6) Shehryar Zaidi

7) Lubna Aslam

8) Naila Jaffery




+ Plot
It centers around Saim who is in mutual love with his 1st cousin, Saman since childhood in secret.  His father Ikhlaque Ahmed is very strict and wants his son to marry of his choice only that is Zara (also 1st cousin of Saim). Before Saim is forced to marry Zara, he marries Saman first without informing anyone.


+ High Points
i – Sidra Batool as Saman performance was good while Abid Ali as Ikhlaque Ahmed performed really well.

ii – Addition of respected Arjumand Hussain was very good judgment, who performed very natural and interesting on-screen.



+ Low Points
i – The story gets interesting from 17th episode. Yes, you read it right… from seventeenth episode! Before that the story is almost the same in first sixteen (1 – 16) episodes. Now tell me, how is it possible for anyone to sit and wait for the drama to finally get interesting?

ii – The makeup artist of this drama series did a terrible job on the cast members.

iii – This is the first Pakistani TV drama series where almost every performer talk (voice over) to themselves first before finally making a stupid decision.

iv – In Pakistani dramas, the main gate of the house is always opened for anyone to walk in and see or hear what’s happening inside? Only where the shot with the character standing outside of the house is to be taken then only would you see the main gate to be locked.  In this drama series too, Ikhlaque Ahmed enters hears everything in secrecy to what his sister and brother in law are talking about of him.

v – If the protagonist had fallen in love with both heroines and had kids with them. After that only do he comes to know the bitter truth, would have made this drama series a very memorable one (highly controversial, yes) in Pakistani TV history.



+ Overall
Despite its (kind a) new premise, Ghalthi feels like a disjointed series of endless talks, rather than a sharp narrative, and ends up in a deep ditch.

Rate: 1.50 out of 5 stars

TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Alif Noon (1965 & 82)

A review on Pakistani classic comedy drama TV Serial, Alif Noon (1965 & 82). It’s Production House and its Distributor is PTV Network (Lahore Studio).





+ Crew

  • Written & Created by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi
  • Directed by Samina Ahmed





+ Note

Alif Noon aired on PTV Network in 1965 and 1982. In total it consists of 26 – 28 episodes. This drama series has highlighted on serious country’s issues such as corruption, bribery, distribution of fake medicines, selling of expired meat, spreading rumors in the society. With Kamal sb’s brilliant writing, it was shown through comedy and satire. Every episode was ended with a positive note.

Kamal Ahmed Rizvi came with his family had come to Karachi, Pakistan where he migrated from Bihar, British India after 1947. Afterwards, he moved to Lahore to meet his idol, the renowned short story writer, Saadat Hasan Manto. Kamal spent a lot of precious time with him in the early 1950s, and was very influenced by him.When entering TV industry in 60’s, Kamal sb met his future co-star, Rafi Khawar, with whom he starred in a classic comic-drama TV series, Alif Noon.

In 1986 a tragedy stroke, when Rafi Khawar committed suicide due to his declining career and a victim of a severe depression. Although, Kamal sb lived for many years but was still haunted by his co-star’s sudden tragic death. He never was able to fully recover from this trauma.  Kamal sb lived a very modest life till the end of his days. In 2015, another tragedy stroke, after Kamal Ahmed Rizvi suffered a grave heart attack and expired at Karachi.





+ Main Cast

  1. Kamal Ahmed Rizvi as Allan
  2. Muhammad Rafi Khawar as Nanha






+ Guest Cast

  1. Badar Khalil as Mother (Medicine Shop episode)
  2. Uzma Gilani as Patient (Psychologist episode)
  3. Salman Shahid as Husband (Barber Shop episode)
  4. Qavi Khan as Editor (Publishing House episode)
  5. Jamil Fakhiri as Partner (Township episode and Footpath episode)
  6. Asim Bukhari as Owner (Township episode)




+ Plot

What Allan want to do is to make, fast money by whatever means necessary. Nanha on the other hand, is very gullible and dreams of having an honest-earning living. Given his innocence, Nanha would always end up exposing Allan’s plans to the world.




+ High Points

i – The concept behind its making and the message that each episode is kept within the real world where the viewers can easily relate it to. In other times, realistic issues were discussed of how some people or the society is affected by it. In that, these two lead characters are directly / indirectly linked with that problem. Once that is established, then what action/s do these characters, Allan and Nanha take, is rested on them.

I believe that this is brilliant writing by the multi-talented artist, Kamal Ahmed Rizvi. All the drama, satire that he had created out of harsh realities (which is unfortunately still happening in our country) is something to watch with full concentration. Aside its jokes, Kamal sb always had a double meaning to their episodes. If you are able to read between the lines, then you understand to what message Kamal Ahmed Rizvi was trying to convey.

ii – The two main characters were well written and were the backbone to this TV series success. After receiving strong positive reviews, these stars were easily recognizable as their iconic characters, rather than be called upon by their true names.  Kamal Ahmed Rizvi, who plays as Allan, is the one with such different plans to make fast money through fake schemes. And, M. Rafi Khawar who plays as Nanha, who in his innocence is used as stooge / front man for Allan’s tricks and always gives away the truth in the end to the world. Nanha, no doubt was a favorite to many people.

iii – There were many emotional scenes and intriguing scenes to watch. Some of these episodes are my favorite and are much closer to my heart due to its severe subjects. One of the episodes happens to be of the Publishing House and other one is of Fake Medicine shop.

iv – Both the dynamic duo stars, Kamal Rizvi and Rafi Khawar gave one of their best performances, whether it be a comic scene or an emotional one. Either way, they both seemed to give memorable performance for the audience to remember them by.

v – There are many cameo appearances by fame artists, where the viewers love to see some of their favorite on silver screen.

vi – Good thing is that the time length of per episode is short, around 18 – 20 minutes. This gives the leverage for their target audience to watch it with ease, knowingly that they be able to spend time watching with friends / family within 20 minutes of time closure.





+ Low Points

i – In 1960s, TV series in Pakistan barely gave any importance towards their production design, costume design or even cinematography. It is a shame really, after the director and the writer pour in their tremendous efforts to make their project work as it intend it to be.





+ Overall
Alif Noon is a brilliant work of art, where in real is a black comedy. Kamal sb was successful in showing the harsh reality of the society where the evil-doers enjoy earning ‘Profit’ over the general public suffering.




Rate: 4.0 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Humsafar (2011- 12)

A review on classic Pakistani drama TV serial, Humsafar (2011 – 12) aka Soul Mate. Its Production House is MD Productions while its Distributor is HUM Entertainment.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Sarmad Sultan Khoosat
  • Written by Farhat Ishtiaq
  • Cinematography by Shehzad Kashmiri
  • Music (OST) by Waqar Ali
  • Produced by Nina Kashif & Momina Duraid




+ Note

Humsafar aired on Hum TV from 24th Sep 2011 – 3rd Mar 2012. It consists of total 23 episodes. It revolves around the trials and great suffering of a married couple.

This drama series gave a big boast-up to the lead stars’ careers, Fawad Afzal Khan and Mahira Khan. They are often remembered to their memorable roles in this drama TV series.

Humsafar is very popular among locals and foreign audiences.





+ Main Cast

1) Fawad Afzal Khan as Ashar Hussain

2) Mahira Khan as Khirad Ashar Hussain

3) Naveen Waqar as Sara Ajmal

4) Atiqa Odho as Fareeda Hussain




+ Supportive Cast

5) Noor Hassan Rizvi as Khizar

6) Hina Khawaja Bayat as Zarina Ajmal

7) Behroze Sabzwari as Baseerat Hussain




+ Minor Cast

8) Khalid Anam as Khirad’s father

9) Mansha Pasha as the wife of Ashar’s friend

10) Kanwar Arsalan as Raza, Ashar’s colleague

11) Kanwar Atiq ur Rehman as Umar, Ashar’s colleague

12) Sarmad Khoosat as Dr. Idrees, Khirad’s Professor




+ Plot

Khirad and her cousin, Ashar are forced to wed off together due to her mother’s last dying wish. Later, a sudden sad incident takes place where a number of misunderstandings are created to end their marriage.




+ High Points

i – A unforgettable performances given by the two lead actors i.e. Fawad Khan & Mahira Khan. They gave their hearts out, to completely go in-depth into their characters. Other Honorable Mentions: Behroze Sabzwari.

ii – I’m pleased to see that it is not an over-dramatic TV series, where we audience often made to watch in such stories.

iii – The cinematography is surprisingly, good and made the audience attention glued to the screens.

iv – The OST music composed by Waqar Ali combined with the opening theme song “Woh Humsafar Tha” by Qurat-ul-Ain Balouch is actually a very good song to listen to!

v – The emotional bonding between the lead couple is nicely placed. Good chemistry.




+ Low Points

i – The story clearly did not fascinate me. Yes, I liked the drama series but the story could have been more… creative. I am aware that this drama is based on the novel. But the only way, the story progresses is by creating more misunderstandings — I was seriously thinking, ‘When would these misunderstanding be over? And I mean it, in not a good way. The lead characters seemed too gullible to believe every word of it, without making sure of its authenticity.

The saga of this drama’s misunderstandings were finally cleared after 14 – 15 episodes! Such a drag, I would say! Seriously!

ii – I know that this is an old TV series but, I’m really grown tired to see Atiqa Odo continuously playing such roles on and on. I mean, come on! Really? You (Atiqa Odo) cannot play any new kind of role than this. It’s not the performance that I’m complaining of, but of her being a Type Casted actress.

Normally, such senior artists often become veteran actors and challenge themselves with new and different roles to do. What a disappointment!



+ Overall
Humsafar is primarily successful due to the lead stars’ memorable performances and great chemistry.



Rate: 3.25 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Faraib (2017)

A review on Pakistani TV Drama Series, Faraib (2017) aka Fraud. The Production House is Screen Shot Productions whereas its Distributor is Play TV.



+ Crew

  • Written, Directed & Produced by Syed Atif Ali
  • Cinematography by Akhtar Nadeem
  • Directed by Imran Qadir and Zubair Afridi
  • Title Song & OST Music by Wajih Uddin Meer and Masood Alam
  • Line Produced by Manzar Ali




+ Note
Faraib aired on Play Entertainment from 3rd Mar 2017 – 8th Sep 2017. In total, it consists of 27 episodes. This TV serial is about selfishness, deceit and betrayal.

Syed Atif Ali has directed a number of TV serials, including Khan (2017) and Aitebar (2017). His debut feature film was Pari (2017) which is available at Netflix. One of this serial’s actors is Muneeb Baig. He is a student of NAPA and a good theatre actor.

There may be some SPOILERS ahead!




+ Main Cast

  1. Kinza Hashmi as Nimra
  2. Azekha Daniyal as Hania
  3. Aly Khan as Nawab Sahib
  4. Parveen Akbar as Hania’s Mother
  5. Shehzaad Ali Khan as Baray Saeein
  6. Junaid Akhtar as Ehtesham
  7. Mazhaer Ali Khan as Deepika







+ Supportive Cast

  1. Falak Zai as Hania’s Sister (Younger)
  2. Fareeha Jabeen as Nimra’s Mother
  3. Shahid Naqvi as Nimra’s Father
  4. Hina Rizvi as Hania’s Sister-in-Law
  5. Hanif Bachan as Hania’s Father




+ Plot

Once finding out, Hania cannot conceive any children, her shrewd mother makes a plan of betrayal which involves her daughter’s close friend Nimra.




+ High Points

i – A terrific acting by Kinza Hashmi who plays the role of Nimra. She is shown as pretty girl next door on-screen and have has delivered a memorable performance.

ii – Azekha Daniyal as Hania, a supportive antagonist role, which is executed nicely.

iii – A clever addition of Deepika’s character which well performed by Mazhaer Ali Khan. Here, he plays a LGBT character. Other Honorable Mentions: Parveen Akbar and Shehzaad Ali Khan.

iv – The story / plot is an interesting platform to bring the viewers’ attention to this TV serial.




+ Low Points

i – it is always difficult to like antagonist characters, especially if they are written as cunning and narcissist as Hania’s mother.

ii – I am afraid, like many others, Aly khan is stuck with Type Casted roles. Most often one would see him playing, ‘Nawab’ type roles.

iii – Muneeb Baig is clearly miscasted in the role of Hania’s sister-in-law’s son. He is a good actor and should be given a role, which have suited his appearance.

iv – We (viewers) never get to see the interior of Nimra’s house. Perhaps, the director got the permission to shoot the house compound only. Other shooting locations were limited and not something to be proud of.

v – To accept that Nawab sahib is that naïve, which is highly unlikely for a person of his high status and position in the house.

vi – I am very disappointed to know the the hidden identity of rapist was not revealed even in its finale. Really?

vii – The subplot of Hania’s sister and her marriage related scenes were dull to watch.




+ Overall
Faraib’s story is built-up with a well-established protagonist & antagonist. However, once it starts racing towards its finishing line, from there onwards, it just gets messy.




Rate: 2.50 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Saat Mulaqatein (2019)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV-web series, Saat Mulaqatein (2019). Its Production House is Nashpati Prime and its Distributor is Binjee.



+ Crew

  • Written & Directed by Kashif Nisar
  • Narration by Hamza Firdous
  • Created & Produced by Qaiser Ali




+ Note

Saat Mulaqatein aired on Nashpati Prime in the fall of 2019. In total it consists of 09 episodes. This web series is a project of Nashpati Prime on YouTube and Binjee, is its digital platform.

The issues the couple faces individually in life are of betrayal, guilt, self-esteem and trust issues.They both feel that because of other, they are unable to succeed in life. By being separated, they feel the value of one another.

Nashpati Prime is a hybrid online video platform containing web series, cooking shows, travelogues, talk shows, skits, stand-up comedy and animations. It is a subsidiary of QLinks Productions, Pakistan





+ Full Cast

  1. Nauman Ejaz as Husband / Noman
  2. Zara Tareen as Wife
  3. Hamza Firdous as Writer





+ Plot

It is about a couple who go their separate ways on their 15th wedding anniversary.




+ High Points

i – Wonderful performances by both the lead stars. This is one the main reason you would love to watch this limited web-series.

ii – Kashif Nisar wrote a good script for the performers to give them an uplift to their dialogue delivery to make Saat Mulaqatein a memorable series.

iii – It is easy to say that the first 5 episodes were more interesting than the last few ones.

iv – Having short duration to each episode, is another plus point to appreciate it.





+ Low Points

i – All is going well, until the last few episodes including its finale were just not up to one’s expectations.

ii – By giving more emphasis towards its production design, would have benefited this web-series.

iii – The final outcome is unfortunately very predictable.




+ Overall
Saat Mulaqatein benefits from solid performances and interestingly written screenplay.




Rate: 3.50 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Khaani (2017 – 18)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Series, Khaani (2017 – 18). Its Production House is 7th Sky Entertainment while Distributor is Geo Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Anjum Shahzad
  • Written by Asma Nabeel
  • Music by Sahir Ali Bagga
  • Song (OST) by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan
  • Produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi





+ Note

Khaani aired on Geo Entertainment from 6th Nov 2017 – 2nd Jul 2018. In total it consists of 31 episodes. ‘Khans’ are often tagged as brave and headstrong community in our society. Khaani name is given to the feminism character for bravery.

This TV drama had been on hiatus since 2nd Apr 2018 due to the ban of Geo Entertainment Network but resumed again on 23rd Apr 2018. The OST is which has more than 27 Million views on YouTube.

Khaani has created a few new records of popularity and has soon become viral especially on social media. The episodes were uploaded on the official channel page on YouTube has garnered millions of views and keeps trending on the top 3 positions. It has been winning hearts nationally and internationally. Before the telecast of last episode, a campaign was started by Geo Entertainment about the end of Mir Hadi’s story and was largely appreciated by the Khaani viewers.

Its story is inspired by a real-life incident surrounding the murder of Shahzeb Khan by Shahrukh Jatoi on 25th Dec 2012 which caused wide-spread outrage in the country. Till this day no justice has been served.





+ Main Cast

  1. Sana Javed as Sanam Ali Khan/Khaani
  2. Feroze Khan as Mir Hadi
  3. Mehmood Aslam as Mir Shah
  4. Saman Ansari as Sitara Shah
  5. Salma Hassan as Sonia Salman Ali Khan
  6. Rashid Farooqui as Salman Ali Khan
  7. Muhammad Mubarik Ali as Arham
  8. Qavi Khan as Hamid Malik






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Seemi Pasha as Iffet
  2. Shehzeen Rahat as Sara Ali Khan
  3. Malik Emad as Ali
  4. Shehzad Mukhtar as Mithal
  5. Khushi Maheen as Raima
  6. Rimha Ahmad as Sana Ali Khan
  7. Ali Ansari as Sarim Ali Khan
  8. Qazi Wajid as Judge (Cameo)



+ Plot

One unfortunate day, Mir Hadi shoots dead Khaani’s brother over a petty issue in broad daylight. But Mir Hadi is defended easily by his political father by the help of his vast wealth and powerful friends. They even force her family to pardon their son.

Before signing, Khaani, the victim’s sister curses Mir Hadi of an unimaginable destruction.




+ High Points

i – A huge round of applause for Feroze Khan’s outstanding performance as Mir Hadi a rich spoiled son of a very powerful and rich politician. I have watched a number of projects where he always gives strong performances but here he plays as an iconic character that would always be remembered by for times to come. His huge character shift towards guilt ridden madness and spill it all out at the court room was a very amazing scene to watch.

Though there are a number of scenes of his where he starts to see blood on his hands or the time where he confronts his father on the killing attempt of his love interest or where Hadi feels that his father isn’t doing much to help him find her were all very interesting scenes to watch.

The viewers would like to go back to those scenes and watch again & again. We all know from where this character is inspired from… if this had happen with the real life person, it would had surely fulfilled many people wishes and bought justice to the victim’s family.

ii – A salute to sir Mehmood Aslam who plays as Mir Shah an egoistic, carefully calculated mindset, powerful and wealthy political personality. His performance was very, very impressive indeed. I consider him as one of the best senior artists of our times who can play any kind of role given to him. He can play a comic role as great as a sober one. I am truly pleased with his strong, brilliant performances.

Our media production industry should be very grateful to have him with us and make our projects more stimulating to watch by having him on-board.

iii – The screenplay is well written by Asma Nabeel, who made this drama series very interesting till the very end of the episode for us to enjoy. It was moving and closer to the heart.

iv – There were many emotional and intriguing scenes to watch. I know many people, friends who literally had tears in their eyes while watching this drama.

v – The character’s transformation of Mir Hadi from rich, spoil brat to guilt ridden, spiritual person was impressively written and amazingly handled.

vi – The finale was very intriguing to watch. The team of Khaani didn’t rush things up but bought us viewers a very satisfactory end to this great drama series. Bravo!

vii – I liked the direction of this drama series by Anjum Shahzad, who made it possible to make Khaani a stimulating drama series to watch.

viii – Although the plot is inspired by a real incident, but the story becomes really exciting when Khaani’s curse starts to implement on Mir Hadi and his family. I can assure you that never did I lose interest in watching any of the episodes. This is very rare for the number of TV dramas I have watched and given review to.

ix – Saman Ansari as Sitara Shah portrayed her character so well as a mother to a rich spoil brat that one can enjoy her performance more in much later episodes especially. The best scene I liked of her was when she begs for Hadi’s life. No doubt it is a very emotional scene to watch plus to see such a dynamic performance given by her. Other Honorable Mentions: Sana Javed and Qavi Khan.

x – Once again, a good writing, direction and great performance pulled the viewer’s closer to fall in love with the anti-hero, played by Feroze Khan. It was a very difficult task to achieve for the writer and the director, to make this possible. Good work!

xi – We see that a stupid, hasty decision is taken by Mir Shah by giving threats to Khaani’s father and Arham instead of carefully handling such a difficult situation at his home was perfectly written. Some people might complain that Mir Shah was always shown as a very wise, mature person but why he would think of giving threats?

Well the answer is simple. In such situations, these rich, big shots who think that the fate is written as they want it to be are also very over confident at times. All their lives, they have never been scared but bought fear in other people hearts who are lower in class or power, often forget that there is always a time for their downfall or difficult times in their lives. Mir Shah assumes that if he threats as he has always done that in his past life, would get away this time too but only to find it that he is gravely mistaken. And that is what exactly happens to him as well.

xii – Everyone in the cast gave a very respectable, decent performance as the script demanded it to be. Huge pat on the director’s shoulder!

xiii – The characters of Arham and Hamid Malik were very well written. They bought new life into the drama series.

xiv – Surprising cameo by late Qazi Wajid was a warm welcome to the viewers.





+ Low Points

i – It is very disappointing for me to say that there was no / hardly any physical transformation of the characters especially of Mir Hadi and his mother. What we witness here is that Hadi is all clean and tidy even after spending weeks / months living at a shrine or the remaining of his days in the jail.

We know that for a real life adaptation of the given character and for realism, a professional actor would have gone through the process of his tremendous change in his body structure by losing his appetite.

The main reasons are of having terrible guilt, heavy stress, anxiety and deep depression. A perfect example is given in the Hollywood film ‘Machinist’ (2004). A great performance doesn’t ends by expressing it out but also as character, how your body represents itself. Or perhaps, I am demanding too much from our Pakistani artists.

ii – I have grown very tired to see almost all of the roles of Feroze Khan played as ‘Bad Boy / Anti-Hero’. We all know that he is a great actor and this role too suited him perfectly but he should choose different roles for his upcoming projects. Why restrict yourself by playing one type of role endlessly one project to another?

iii – There were some minor sub plots which were there only to fill the gaps. It was the main plot only to watch.

iv – Mir Hadi’s activities (before falling in love) besides roaming around in his black Pajero, all he does do is be there at sea shore where he sits there and gets drunk? …What? That’s it? Did the writer actually do any research before coming up with this? Did she really think people would actually take this as a true picture of such a spoiled character?

v – The production design was unconvincing to imagine that this was Mir Hadi’s room. Are you saying, a rotten character like Mir Hadi has a (too) formal room? No TV, fridge, posters on the wall, computer or music system? Kamal hai!

vi – The mother of Khaani, played by Salma Hassan looked much younger than she should be. Salma looked more like an elder sister to Sana Javed than being a parent. Jokingly, I said to myself that ‘Rashid Farooqui must be very pleased to have a young woman to play as his wife’.

Yes, I do understand that the director / writer wanted to show a young mother to her children. If they wanted, they could have applied old age makeup to her but didn’t. Still, I feel that a bit older woman (physically) should have played the part. Nonetheless, Salma did a very decent job to portray for this role.

vii – In Makeup & Hair Styling we have Sitara Shah, who till the very end of the episode is still using her makeup and different colors of nail polish.

As for Arham, even when he decides to comb his hair in front of the mirror, viewers can see that he doesn’t need to as his hair is already perfectly combed. Why make it look so impractical when you are giving all your efforts to make such a great drama series? These minor mistakes should be avoided so that the viewers watch your drama without the feel of fictional story.

viii – The female to whom Mir Hadi talks to at the shrine for a number of days, there is hardly any shock by her father. His expressions are so unconvincing. Other than that, why reveal to the viewer’s everything? Keep it something ambiguous too. Don’t give away everything.

When the female approaches Mir Hadi first time, we see that his faithful servant also looks at her but in later episodes, the outcome is something else?




+ Overall
Khaani benefits from rock solid performances and gripping-ly written screenplay which ends up with a perfect finale.




Rate: 3.75 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Daastar-e-Anaa (2017 – 18)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Series, Daastar-e-Anaa aka Egoistic (2017 – 18). Its Production is QT Productions while Distribution is done by TV One.




+ Crew

  • Directed & Produced by Mohsin Talat
  • Written by Amin Sadiq (Late)
  • Director of Photography by Saqib Hussain & Arshi Ali
  • Edited by Muhammad Bilal
  • Co-Produced by Syed Afzal Ali & Uzma Mohsin




+ Note

Daastar-e-Anaa aired on TV One from 14th Apr 2017 to 19th Jan 2018. In total it consists of 40 episodes. The drama’s theme according to the director is to create awareness of keeping balance in relationships and solve the negative slot in the society. Either, this TV drama is character based or issue based, here in this drama we have tried to provide audience with an impact-ful message. It is a traditional love story which is shot on the beautiful locations of Northern Areas in Pakistan.

Uzma Gillani is known for her tough and autocratic choice of roles, due to which she is considered to be in Pakistan as one of the best TV actors of all time. During her career spanning over 45 years, her famous works have earned her wide-spread acclaim & recognition with a Pride of Performance Award by the President of Pakistan in 1982.

The melodic OST of Daastar-e-Anaa is composed by Maestro Waqar Ali and sung by Coke Studio star Jabir Abbas while its title song lyrics written by Sabir Zafar. The Makeup Artists are Farah Deeba & Ali Raza and the Executive Producer as Seema Taher Khan.




+ Main Cast

  1. Uzma Gilani as Zabiunisa
  2. Abid Ali as Muzzaffar Khan
  3. Ayesha Gul as Riffat Begum
  4. Kashif Mahmood as Walid Khan
  5. Saniya Shamshad as Mahnoor
  6. Salman Saeed as Adeel Khan
  7. Arsalan Faisal as Abid Khan
  8. Shahzad Ali Khan as Rahim Gul
  9. Sharmeen Bano Tayyab as Farzana
  10. Sami Sani as Arif Bhai






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Shamoon Abbasi as ASP Humayun
  2. Diya Mughal as Monazza
  3. Raima Khan as Baji
  4. Rubina Arif as Ammi
  5. N/A as Dilawar
  6. Fahad Sherwani as Sultan
  7. N/A as Inspector Faiser
  8. Shahmir Ali as Baba
  9. Yasmeen Huq as Shamsi Bhabhi
  10. Zafar Awan as Advisor






+ Minor Cast

  1. Faisal Rehman as Hashim Khan
  2. Memoona Qudoos Mughal as Nausheen (Secretary)
  3. Saba Faisal as Tanya Begum
  4. Qavi Khan as Sahi Baba
  5. N/A as DIG Head / Shah Jahan
  6. N/A as Bashir
  7. N/A as Riffat’s Son
  8. N/A as Lawyer (Good)
  9. N/A as Lawyer (Bad)
  10. Rida Ashraf as Maid




+ Plot

A beautiful young girl, Mahnoor is trapped in a manor by her ruthless and wealthy grandmother Zaibunnisa. When Adeel falls in love with Mahnoor, he then tries to rescue her from being forceful marriage to her cousin, Abid Khan who is already eyeing to seize his grandmother’s vast estate and wealth.




+ High Points

i – Uzma Gillani as Zaibunnisa gave an outstanding performance as cruel, selfish, cold hearted woman and head of her tribal legacy (after the paralysis illness of her husband, Muzzaffer Khan). It is rare to see such dynamic performance given an actress in antagonist role. The character of Zaibunnisa would surely be remembered as one of the best villains written for Pakistani TV history.

ii – Arsalan Faisal as Abid Khan played out a powerful performance on screen as ruthless, hot tempered, rich playboy. I thoroughly enjoyed watching his performance as first timer. Other Honorable Mentions: Kashif Mahmood, Shahzad Ali Khan, Shamoon Abbasi and Salman Saeed.

iii – Most of the characters were very well written, such as Zaibunnisa, Abid Khan, Walid Khan, Rahim Gul, Adeel and Tanya Begum.

iv – I liked the direction of Mohsin Talat, made TV drama series stimulating to watch.

v – A different plot with an interesting story to tell. The tribal legacy, coming up with their personal rules and regulations at their territory against the law enforcement was the edge here.

vi – The costume designing is really praise worthy. Exotic dresses were kept for different characters the main and supporting cast played; such as Walid Khan, Zaibunnisa, Mahnoor Abid Khan and few more.

vii – Makeup & hair styling did an effective work at their end. It gave glamorous look to Saniya Shamshad, Arsalan Faisal, Salman Saeed, Diya Mughal etc.

viii – The addition of Shamoon Abbasi’s character as ASP Humayun was a good decision. I was very pleased to see him in positive light which is first time for me to see him as. His choice of playing a positive character made me recall of popular Bollywood supporting actor of 90s, Mohnish Bahl who came in positive roles in such super hit films Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun (1994) and Hum Saath, Saath Hain (1999).

I sincerely wish to see him take more positive roles in TV and films alike as the Indian actor did. Shamoon Abbasi with this role, has made a strong impression on the viewers.

ix – Beautiful locations were used to shoot the TV drama, whether we are talking about interior or exterior places.

x – It was a very intriguing to watch where Saba Faisal and her son, Arsalan Faisal share a scene together.





+ Low Points

i – I believe that 40 episodes TV drama is long for such a story. Last 15 – 20 episodes were filled with unlimited arguments between Riffat Begum and Zaibunnisa as ‘Tu, Tu, Meh, Meh’.

ii – The cinematography in some cases was quite good, taking very scenery shots but there were many times where unnecessary high and low angle shots were used including the usage of ‘Fish-Eye’ lens.

iii – The gun violence was unconvincing, hardly making any noise of an actual gun. I understand that the rating of viewership increases due to showing blood and strong violence but there are many ways where you can show it as real, depending on different camera angles and special effects.

iv – Sharmeen Tayyab’s accent as Farzana was correctly used but it seemed fake, as though forcing herself to speak in such a manner.

v – Bashir all that time in the dungeon is physically fit enough to speak properly but as soon as he is rescued and bought at the police station, he has the look of mentally disturbed.

vi – Unfortunately the ending was… unsatisfying and disappointment.

vii – Zaibunnisa’s security at her manor is so ‘Strict’ that Adeel able to trespass it multiple times solo or with his friend.

viii – Shahmir Ali was the only actor who performed weak plus his character was very poorly written.




+ Overall
Daastar-e-Anaa is a fascinating TV series to enjoy which lists strong performances, breathtaking panoramic shots of the Northern areas, the direction or the dramatic effect of the story itself.




Rate: 3.75 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Dhoop Kinare (1987)

A review on Pakistani Classic Drama TV Series, Dhoop Kinare aka At the Edge of the Sunshine (1987). It’s Production and Distribution is done by PTV (Karachi).



+ Crew

  • Directed & Produced by Sahira Kazmi
  • Written & Created by Haseena Moin
  • Songs by Nayyara Noor



+ Note

Dhoop Kinare aired on PTV in 1987. In total it consists of 17 episodes. It centers on a team of doctors in a hospital in Karachi and revolves around their routines at the hospital and their private lives at home.

Three songs were written and sung by Nayyara Noor. This drama is considered as classic and one of the most popular Pakistani TV dramas. Due to its success, it gave prominent start for both the lead stars’ careers.

Some of the shooting locations of Karachi are of Marriot and PC Hotel. On 3rd Oct 2011, an Indian soap opera in Hindi was launched by Sony Entertainment Television India. It was titled as Kuch Toh Log Kahenge and is loosely based on Dhoop Kinare.




+ Main Cast

  1. Rahat Kazmi as Dr. Ahmer Ansari
  2. Marina Khan as Dr. Zoya Ali Khan
  3. Arshad Mehmood as Ahmer’s Foster Father
  4. Qazi Wajid as Zoya’s Father
  5. Sajid Hassan as Dr. Irfan
  6. Latif Kapadia as Dr. Ahmer’s Friend






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Azra Sherwani as Fazeelat Bibi
  2. Kehkishan Awan as Anji
  3. Hameed Wayne as Anji’s Father
  4. Ishrat Hashmi as Anji’s Mother
  5. Badar Khalil as Dr. Sheena Karamat
  6. Saeed Munawar as N/A




+ Plot

A foster father gives away all his wealth to his son, Dr. Ahmer Ansari before he expires. Everything but except of the house he lives in. Shocking for Dr. Ahmer, he finds that his late father has a granddaughter to whom he has gifted his home to in his will. Unknown to both of them, the granddaughter happens to be Dr. Zoya Ali Khan who works under Dr. Ahmer’s supervision and has mutual love interest.



+ High Points

i – Rahat Kazmi as Dr. Ahmer Ansari gave a very good performance as reserved, strict, but a nice person who always cherished his father to have himself the only loved one in his eyes until his will reveals something else. His hatred for that unknown granddaughter to whom his former house belongs to, where his childhood had spent on which is now been taken away as a gift by his late father was understandable well indeed. A veteran actor as respected Rahat Kazmi could have pulled it off easily and which he did. He gained a huge publicity and fast forwards his career towards bigger projects after this famous classic drama.

ii – Marina Khan as Dr. Zoya Ali Khan performance as a careless but a good-hearted character who wins her respect and love from her boss, Dr. Ahmer Ansari. Marina is naturally a very good actress, who has won people hearts in her time with more of classic dramas. Other Honorable Mentions: Azra Sherwani and Sajid Hassan.

iii – Although the drama becomes very serious afterwards but the essence of having light humor helped to gain more viewers as fan following.

iv – A convincing drama is shown with the help of good direction by Sahira Kazmi. She needed two most suitable and great performers for these two lead roles, which she did get. The hospital scenes plus those scenes where Dr. Ahmer and Dr. Zoya spend time in to understand each other were very nicely executed.

v – The screenplay was good in the sense of realism. The importance of no mistakes can be carried out in a hospital, as the patients’ lives are depended on you if they are in stable condition that is. That is what was shown to Dr. Zoya, made her realize where exactly she is working at and how serious this work is. Then the mature love interest and respect are shown growing for each other. This is the glimpse of magic by respected former writer, Mrs. Haseena Moin.




+ Low Points

i – Though drama is good and everything but honestly I didn’t enjoyed as much as I thought I would. Maybe perhaps I had heard too much buzz of this classic and had much higher expectations before watching it.

ii – Subplots were so-so really. It’s just the main plot the viewers would love to watch.




+ Overall
Haseena Moin’s Dhoop Kinare is a sympathetic, likable drama, with solid performances by the lead stars.




Rate: 3.0 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Ishq Mein Teray (2013)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV Serial, Ishq Mein Teray (2013) aka In Your Love. Its Production House & its Distributor is Hum Entertainment.



+ Crew

  • Directed by Fahim Barni
  • Written by Sadia Akhtar
  • Title Song by Sohail Haider & Dua Malik
  • Produced by Syed Afzal Ali




+ Note
Ishq Mein Teray aired on Hum TV from 27th Nov 2013 – 26th Mar 2014. It consists of total 18 episodes. This drama was also aired on Indian channel Zee Zindagi from 27th Jan 2016 every Monday to Saturday 6:10 pm (IST) under the same title.




+ Main Cast

  1. Mehwish Hayat as Aiza
  2. Azfar Rehman as Saad Hamdani
  3. Madiha Imam as Laiba
  4. Shahzad Nawaz as Sheharyar Hamdani






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Shazia Naz as Cucko
  2. Atif Rathore as Bakhtiar
  3. Ayesha Gul as Fozia
  4. Shaheen Khan as Saleha




+ Plot

Aiza is a beautiful, down to earth young female who is the head in looking after household responsibilities including of her lazy brother & his family. Good fortune strikes her and she gets hired by Sheharyar Hamdani, whose daughter Laiba is Aiza’s friend and student. Laiba is in love with her cousin, Saad Hamdani, while Aiza’s intellect draws both Saad and Sheharyar towards her.



+ High Points
i – Mehwish Hayat performance was very good in the protagonist role. She clearly showed that she earned her lead role as the better performer.

ii – Shaheen Khan is a respectable actress and played her part as Saad’s mother really well.

iii – Plot twists of Aiza’s sudden marriage and Saad’s severe illness were good move.

iv – Both Mehwish Hayat & Shaheen Khan looked very attractive on-screen.



+ Low Points
i – The consequences of the plot twists were lame and poorly handled. I thought that after Aiza’s sudden marriage, its consequences would bring a HUGE turnaround for the drama but I was wrong. Nothing happened as such to be proud of. Perhaps I had high expectations from it. And to show someone with a dangerous illness in the start, there is at least 90% chances that that person would not survive till the end.

ii – Too many cliffhangers happened by the end of each episode (almost) but in the very next episode we are shown that nothing has happened as the character/s are too naïve to understand.

iii – Ayesha Gul’s character was very annoying and hateful. I understand that her character was written as selfish and arrogant but it was very difficult to watch her scenes due to consistent nagging and fighting with husband.

iv – After Aiza’s marriage, the existence of Bakhtiar & his family did not carry any weight nor had any significance on their scenes. The reason is that their sub plot linked with the main story was weak from the very start.

v – Madiha Imam character as Laiba seemed senseless enough to believe anything (after an effort) against anyone. She had suspicions against Aiza at least 3 – 4 times then she stopped talking to her father and Saad too. Her character was weak and can be defined as damsel in distress. She was always on the verge of either ending all her relations with her close ones or committing suicide.

vi – Cucko was only written to play it as a vamp without any her side of the story. Why would anyone keep her in their house when everyone knows of her ill personality and habit of eavesdropping? Till the end of this drama series she remains the same, no final verdict to what happened to her, her unfulfilled promises and threats?

vii – When Laiba tells her dad of the affair suspicion, not only Sheharyar believes her without any proof but also that he goes home and tells this to everyone at home. I mean this is a very personal thing and directly related with his honor. Why would he share this unconfirmed truth to Cucko for? It was unconcerned with her. If he really believed it as a fact then he should had discussed this with Saleha only.

I was shocked by the writer’s move as Sheharyar’s character throughout the drama was shown as a mature with great intellect and nice person. Regardless that the claim was made by her only daughter, even then the least he could had done was talked to his wife and nephew before making his final decision.

At same time, why didn’t his wife tell him of Saad’s love confession before or after her marriage? It’s not like he would had hated Aiza or hated Saad for rest of his life?

viii – The first experience of Aiza traveling on an airplane with Sheharyar by her side. This scene could be well written / directed while showing in detail her nervousness and fear of flying. However, this scene only lasted for hardly 2 minutes. What a bummer!

ix – The cinematography in many scenes were shot by a hand-held cam which literally did not make any sense as to why this move was used? Most of its time the camera was held in such shaky position that it did not go with the flow at all.

x – When the first time, Saad see the girl of his dreams and then decides to take a picture of her without her consent. He does this while standing on higher ground / 1st floor while the girl is downstairs unknowing of his presence. After he takes her picture from his mobile, it shows that the picture is in mid close up. This could be only possible if Saad was directly facing the person on same height.

xi – There were several scenes which were too predictable such as Laiba finding out the old sketch that Saad drew and still kept with his personal remarks for his former love.

xii – Since the news of Saad’s illness was informed to him when it was still very much curable then why let his health deteriorate for one sided love who is now happily married? But most importantly ignoring the fact that what would become of his mother who is already a widow and all she has in this world is her son?




+ Overall
Ishq Mein Teray’s weak writing, dull characters and shaky cinematography were the final nails that were hammered in the coffin.



Rate: 1.0 out of 5 stars


TV series

Mr. Khan’s Review on Dumpukht – Aatish-E-Ishq (2017)

A review on Pakistani Drama TV series, Dumpukht – Aatish-E-Ishq (2017) aka Slowly Burned – Love in Fire. The Production House is Momal Productions whereas its Distributor is A-Plus Entertainment.




+ Crew

  • Directed by Kashif Nisaar
  • Written by Zafar Mairaj





+ Note
Dumpukht – Aatish-E-Ishq aired on A-Plus TV from 13th Jul 2016 – 18th Jan 2017. It consists of total 27 episodes.

It is an upbeat and mesmerizing story about a young girl enchanted by the allure of a charismatic spiritual peer sahib. The story highlights the orthodox point of view concerning the norms and traditions in the villages in Pakistan.

“Everything is fair in love and War” is a famous quote is almost fit for that story. It shows the strength of culture, blind faith that families have on their Peer and his wife, Bibi Sahiba while they are the inheritors of that area. All important decisions, starting from household matters to business deals, are taken with the blessings of the Peer Sahib.




+ Main Cast

  1. Sonia Mishal as Kulsoom
  2. Noman Ijaz as Peer Habib Ullah
  3. Bilal Abbas as Biloo
  4. Saba Faisal as Mehr Nigar (Khala)
  5. Saqib Sameer as Haroon
  6. Saman Ansari as Bibi Sahiba
  7. Asma Abbas as Tahira






+ Supportive Cast

  1. Noor Ul Hassan as Molvi
  2. Anjum Habibi as Kulsoom’s Father
  3. Haseeb Khan as Kulsoom’s Uncle
  4. Amna Malick as Nimmo
  5. Munazza Arif as Kulsoom’s Aunt
  6. Sara Baloch as Kulsoom’s Cousin
  7. Ibtisam Musa as N/A





+ Plot

Peer Sahab who is highly influential and famous in his area. Although Kulsoom loves Biloo but she belongs to a conservative family that they will not allow her to marry him. However, Peer Sahab has set his eyes on her.





+ High Points

i – Noman Ijaz performance is yet again very good, this time as Peer Sahib.

ii – Sonia Mishal as Kulsoom played out nicely. Other Honorable Mentions: Saqib Sameer, Bilal Abbas, Saman Ansari, Amna Malick and Asma Abbas.

iii – It shows how some people go with blind beliefs while following their Peers, even if it’s against the beliefs and sayings of the religion.

iv – The last three episodes were interesting to watch, especially the finale.





+ Low Points

i – This TV drama series is the most drag, slowest and snoozed off one I have ever watched up till now in my life. It’s much slower than a snail’s speed.

ii – After the 4th episode, the writer must have realized ‘Damn! I don’t have a story to tell which is stretched out till 27th episode. What to do? What to do? Uh… um, Okay fine! What I would do is drag the decision of Kulsoom’s marriage and her suffering with 20 episodes alone — that way I could save myself from embarrassment in front of producers’.

iii – If I was not watching this TV drama series for reviewing basis, I would surely had given up watching after the 7th episode.

iv – I would have preferred to see Kulsoom gets married off to Peer Sahib than the other guy and watch its consequence with interest. I know that this was not the message the writer was trying to show but anyways!





+ Overall
Dumpukht – Aatish-E-Ishq one of those rare TV series so unfathomably upsetting, you could write a better one while sitting through its endless episodes.




Rate: 2.0 out of 5 stars