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Mr. Khan’s Review on Fraud – Episode XXIX (2022)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Fraud Episode 29 (2022). The new TV series is directed by Saqib Khan and written by Zanjabeel Asim. Fraud is a story of love, innocence and treachery as our protagonist is manipulated into marrying a forged personality. Fraud is an iDream Entertainment and ARY Digital Production.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Saqib Khan
  • Written by Zanjabeel Asim
  • Produced by Abdullah Seja 
  • Production by iDream Entertainment

+ Note

Fraud is a case study of Pakistani families who always strive for betterment of their children. Obsession with wealth and power almost always ends up leading to unfavorable consequences. The director Saqib Khan is known for his numerous television projects and his upcoming cinematic film Ghabrana Nahi Hai (2022).

 + Main Cast

  1. Saba Qamar as Maya
  2. Ahsan Khan as Tabriaz
  3. Mikaal Zulfiqar as Shaan
  4. Rabia Kulsoom as Maila
  5. Adnan Samad Khan as Nael
  6. Mehmood Aslam as Nisar

+ Plot

Fraud is a story of Maya whose father wants her to marry into the richest family that he could find. But wealth does not equal character as she ends up marrying a wealthy man named Tabriaz who, through his trickery, makes life for Maya full of deceit and fraud.

+ High Points

i – Well, the cat is finally out of the bag. Tabriaz is revealed to be the fraudulent husband that he is (and it’s really about damn time!). While nothing spectacular, the reveal was undoubtedly a highlight moment for the show. And as a viewer, I am glad that this “lie” did not evolve in favor of Tabriaz yet again but rather unraveled the whole scheme once and for all. 

+ Low Points

i – Even with its revelation at the end, the show feels like it should have ended at least three episodes ago. This could be the reason why the climax felt a bit flat. Episode 29 just dwindles between Maila’s past haunting experience to Tabriaz trying to convince his ‘In Laws’ why Maya could have ulterior motives of getting her hands on her husband’s wealth. While not terrible subplots, they have long served their purpose to the show and don’t add much excitement to it anymore.

ii – Nael proposing for yet another marriage to the other sister… I can’t even begin to understand why Nisar sahib would even trust him with such a task at hand anymore. Well, considering how gullible Nisar sahib is, he might as well. After all, he agreed to hush Maya into not mentioning her past to her newly wedded husband.

iii –  Up till now, the Maila tragedy has served absolutely no purpose to the plot. Why did her husband die? Why did the show pile upon yet another tragedy to the Nisar family? Maila can hardly be classified as a character but rather a mysterious plot device that never came to fruition.

+ Overall

Even with its climatic end to the episode, Fraud is a shadow of its former self.

Rate: out of 5 stars

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