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Mr. Khan’s Review on Meri Shehzadi – Episode XI & XII (2022)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Meri Shehzadi Episode 11 & 12 (2022). The new TV series is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Zanjbeel Asim Shah. Meri Shehzadi is a story of a girl with a tragic past but is destined to become Royalty. Can she handle the responsibilities that come with it? Meri Shehzadi is an MD Productions and HUM TV Production.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed
  • Written by Zanjbeel Asim Shah
  • Produced by Momina Duraid 
  • Production by MD Productions

+ Note

The story of Meri Shehzadi is inspired by the real life story of the late Princess Diana from the United Kingdom. The show explores the expectations that corrupts the innocent and discourages empathy towards the common man.

 + Main Cast

  1. Urwa Hocane as Dania
  2. Ali Rehman as Shehroz
  3. Sabeen Farooq as Bisma
  4. Muazzam Ali Khan
  5. Sonia Mishal
  6. Najiba Faiz
  7. Atiqa Odho
  8. Shabbir Jan
  9. Nauman Maqsood
  10. Qavi Khan as Dania’s Nana
  11. Shamim Hilaly as Dania’s Nani

+ Plot

Raised by her loving Grandparents, Dania is born in a royal family who is destined for greatness in life. After meeting her future husband and entering the political monarchy of Pakistan, Dania must face the trials and tribulations that come along with the life of royalty.

+ High Points

i – There have been some major developments in the plot for Meri Shehzadi since the past two episodes. Episode 11 and 12 have brought some very exciting prospects for the future and longevity of this show. Dania has invertedly made some major strides into the family politics and is working alongside her mother in law who has been successfully nominated as the new Chief Minister. But Dania in a rude awakening? Such questions are left for the upcoming episodes to explore and as a viewer, I am glad that Meri Shehzadi has moved beyond the “Saas/ Bahoo/ Second wife” drama into something more substantial and spells a breath of fresh air into the show.   

ii – Although the performances have not been exceptional by any stretch of the imagination, the entire main cast do their part well enough to bring a sense of urgency to the plot of the show. They act envious, excited, devious in very exaggerated ways but somehow, this all plays well with the political melodrama of the show. Does it all make sense? No but it does make for exciting television.

iii – Shehroz might be the most complex and intriguing character of the show. His past, his motivations and his incompetence brings a lot of depth to his role. In an interesting twist, Shehroz is somewhat a victim of his own destiny. He is forced to live up to his father’s shoes, not allowed who to love, whom to marry and now, needs to play a second fiddle to his wife’s new found success. A pitiful character indeed. 

+ Low Points

i – There are some major, logical inconsistencies with the new plot development that damper the legitimacy of the show, namely the trust that the party (for whatever reason) developed onto Dania. And this is not just to make the face of their party “clean” after the recent scandal involving Shehroz and his second wife, they really want to give her a position as the Human Rights minister. Why? This process was never really explained by the show. Just the fact that the higher ups of the party have really developed a trust in Dania. A proper explanation was in order but nothing was really provided by the show.

ii – Even though the plot has taken a positive turn, the dialogues of the show have not. The characters speak ridiculous, unrealistic nonsense to one another and always end up taking one out of the world that the show is trying to build. The dialogues never felt realistic in any sense of the word and only convey incredibly superficial emotions that make the show lack in quality writing. And it is a pity since the show has such an interesting premise to bounce off on. 

+ Overall

Meri Shehzadi continues on with its engaging storyline with interesting plot twists and cliffhangers. But the dialogues of the show are in dire straits of quality writing. 

Rate: out of 5 stars 

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