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Mr. Khan’s Review on Meri Shehzadi – Episode VI (2022)

A review on Pakistani drama TV series, Meri Shehzadi Episode 6 (2022). The new TV series is directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and written by Zanjbeel Asim Shah. Meri Shehzadi is a story of a girl with a tragic past but is destined to become Royalty. Can she handle the responsibilities that come with it? Meri Shehzadi is an MD Productions and HUM TV Production.

+ Crew

  • Directed by Qasim Ali Mureed
  • Written by Zanjbeel Asim Shah
  • Produced by Momina Duraid 
  • Production by MD Productions

+ Note

The story of Meri Shehzadi is inspired by the real life story of the late Princess Diana from the United Kingdom. The show explores the expectations that corrupts the innocent and discourages empathy towards the common man.

 + Main Cast

  1. Urwa Hocane as Dania
  2. Ali Rehman as Shehroz
  3. Sabeen Farooq as Bisma
  4. Muazzam Ali Khan
  5. Sonia Mishal
  6. Najiba Faiz
  7. Atiqa Odho
  8. Shabbir Jan
  9. Nauman Maqsood
  10. Qavi Khan as Dania’s Nana
  11. Shamim Hilaly as Dania’s Nani

+ Plot

Raised by her loving Grandparents, Dania is born in a royal family who is destined for greatness in life. After meeting her future husband and entering the political monarchy of Pakistan, Dania must face the trials and tribulations that come along with the life of royalty.

+ High Points

i – It’s fascinating how Sheroz is literally toying with both of his life partners and playing them against each other. For Cam, Dania is the culprit; the fraudulent wife who is only there as a public display for the press. On the other hand, Cam is the devil incarnate for Dania who is solely there to keep Sheroz’s affections away from her. There are some negative implications attached to this storyline but I have to admit, the psychological catfight does make for some engaging onscreen drama.

ii – I like the way the show has fleshed out Sheroz’s character. With the last couple of episodes, he has shown a lot of depth and emotions behind his actions. At times, he comes off as cold and unsympathetic but on the other, he kneels next to you and makes you emotionally comfortable with his sweet talk. And in both instances, you never can figure out which is the genuine Sheroz. Is he really trapped and forced to lead his political family or he just likes emotionally abusing people around him? It’s a great source of argument and that is what good writing should do.

+ Low Points

i – This show makes its two female protagonists weak in spirit. At least for Cam, it is understandable since she does not live in Pakistan and her marriage has been kept secret from the world but it’s disappointing to see Dania run after the double faced Sheroz like that. I hope that Dania grows out of this soon as all of this drama makes her look very gullible and a tad bit pitiful. And she should be neither of those. Dania should be above Sheroz’s lies and misdemeanors and live her life the way she imagines it. 

ii – A perplexing decision by the show to have two back to back episodes with the exact same premise; the tale of two wives. Could we at least have a ‘B story’ accompanying all this? With Sheroz’s background, there could be numerous side stories like political intrigue, power struggle and family drama; why is the show forcing us to just focus on the tension between the two wives? I hope we get to see a more diverse storyline in the next coming episodes as this could get old real fast.

iii – The “evil” characters of Meri Shezadi are really daunting and not in a good way. As I mentioned in my previous reviews, they all lack any sort of depth in their writing and are just portrayed as evil for the sake of it. At least Sheroz has been depicted a bit desperate and frustrated at times, the rest of the characters do not seem realistic in the slightest bit. 

+ Overall

A bit of a repetition from the previous week but Meri Shezadi has some strong redeeming factors to its unoriginal storyline.

Rate: out of 5 stars

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